490 (26.10.2015)

Let rats and mice and scabies lice and worms,
Come visit you and take pretension down,
So you can see you're not beyond our germs,
And that they do not care about your crown.
You might be king of all that you survey,
So survey this and quickly make a note,
Of how the parasites they come to stay,
And how they make a bed inside your throat.
There is no mortal man that is not food,
No eyes that see beyond illusion's veil,
There is no point in you being so rude,
When very little of you will prevail.
We are all equal in so many ways,
As one by one we live our numbered days.


  1. Yes! Either "When very little OF you will prevail" or "When very little will of YOU prevail" (Mr D.)

  2. Wow, someone commented! First time in a year and a half!!!! Hi Mr D hope you're well and good. I'll email you what I've been up to!