562 (31.12.2015)

With chocolate riddled through my bones again,
I lie in bed, espresso in my hand
Trying so hard to focus and remain
As all my faculties start to disband.
I close the remnants of my mind and wait,
The sun shines far away and burns my eyes,
I see the wind is moving bits of grate
As blazing seagulls hover in the skies
I did not question anything they said,
I let the world drift onwards as I fell
It's strange to think the body will be dead,
One day when it is tired of being well.
I sit up in my bed so far from me,
And wait for to find out what it is I'll see.

561 (30.12.2015)

I'm yawning and I'm tired once again,
The numb of sleep is spread behind my eyes
I long to hear the sound of falling rain
And feel the waves of sleep in me arise.
The world is but a dream inside my mind
My mind is but a mirror of the world,
I long to search in sleep for what I'll find
As I see all the thoughts in me uncurled.
I'll think a thought and follow where it goes
And let it drag me down where I am free
I feel my body sink between my toes,
As I attempt to give up being me.
I am awake though I wish that I slept,
And wish I was where all my dreams are kept.

560 (29.12.2015)

The stars and moon above, all men can see,
And all that see me with you see our love,
Although that love it glows inside of me,
It shines through my eyes like the stars above.
And once or twice a day I hear it said,
How well we work together as a team,
It's plain to see how both of us are fed,
By each of us inside our loving dream.
So we walk hand in hand through good and bad,
And we have ups and downs like all the rest,
But even if the worst of times is sad,
While in each other's presence we are blest.
So good and bad times they just come and go,
But still you're all I want or want to know.

559 (28.12.2015)

We have the widow's mite and then we see
The rich who give a pittance of their wealth,
And then we have the likes of you and me,
Who give a little when we cleanse ourself.
There is a message no one wants to hear,
About the facts of giving of ourselves,
How charity begins and why it's near,
And all the rows of greedy giving elves.
We give and give and then we give some more,
And still the world is bathed in vicious need
And all around we see the rich and poor
Competing for what's never guaranteed.
And so the world revolves around its space,
For every member of the human race.

558 (27.12.2015)

Enrique he knows how to get the girls
To throw off their decorum and their bras
He sings a bit and does his pelvis curls,
He shakes his sexy bum beneath the stars.
I saw him sing in Copenhagen once,
A great big pop show in some tiny hall,
And then he cuts his finger like a dunce,
The greater stand the more the mighty fall.
A singer working for his bread and jam,
Another human scratching for his meat,
From troubadours to Mozart and to Wham!
Yes everybody here has got to eat.
The better man is sometimes he who fails,
So whip them with those toxic stingray tails

557 (26.12.2015)

I reach for you although I know you're gone,
And in the night I think I hear you cry,
I see your coat, which moonlight shines upon,
But then a dark cloud fills the falling sky.
I think of you while watching the TV,
I look towards the lonely open door,
I wait for you to come and talk with me
I listen for your footsteps on the floor.
Why would I walk out in the rain again,
Now that my friend has passed away from here?
To walk would open memories of when,
I did not feel alone and you were near.
Companion, guide and friend for all these years,
Tonight, for you alone, are all our tears.

556 (25.12.2015)

When I think of the future laid out now,
And wonder how things might be some time soon,
It makes me wonder what time will allow,
And how long we'll remain beneath the moon.
It's true that no one knows what's round the bend,
But also true that you reap what you sow,
And maybe the small changes in the end,
Depend on little changes where we go.
Tomorrow is a long, long way away,
And now the past is gone forever more,
We sleep again then wake up to the day,
And nothing is the same as once before.
Now, yesterday is gone and lost in weed
And still tomorrow's never guaranteed.

555 24.12.2015)

On Christmas eve we children lie in bed,
Our golden dreams filled with tomorrow's joy,
Gifts and joys to come float through our heads
And expectation fill both girl and boy.
While high above us Father Christmas flies,
The world sits quiet waiting for the day,
A full moon lights clouds far up in the skies,
We see the lights above shine from his sleigh.
Tonight when we're asleep he'll come in here
And fill our stockings up and then we'll see,
What treats he's brought for us to have this year
And just how happy life on earth can be.
We are the lucky ones our parents say,
Not all children are blessed on Christmas day.

554 (23.12.2015)

Let all the world of worries stay behind,
Allow yourself to slip away in peace,
Happiness is not too hard to find,
If we can just allow ourselves release
From all the mundane moments of a day,
From all the things that rattle round your head,
The world it does not have to be that way
If you just choose to live in peace instead.
It's harder done than said of course, I know,
But all of us can do it if we try,
And isn't if worthwhile to have a go
And not just let your life go flashing by?
To do nothing tonight is my great plan,
And then to do as little as I can.

553 (22.12.2015)

In poets' corner there are many dead,
Whose words live on inside the hearts of men,
Although upon their bodies worms have fed.
The work they did with pencil quill or pen,
Is still a thing of value in some lives.
Their golden books still rest on modern shelves,
And men quote from their poems to their wives,
While others use their light to feed themselves.
In poets' corner some are laid to rest,
They lie beneath great heavy slabs of stone,
And all of them alive they gave their best,
Though now there's nothing left of skin and bone.
Of all those hands that wrote in English rhyme,
There's none that could slow down the march of time.

552 (21.12.2015)

Snow flutters down from skies inside my mind,
Its crystal softness silences the ground,
Above us all it's Christmas and we find,
That nothing's worth the stillness we have found.
I look out of the window in the night
I see the street lamp shining on the road
I see the leaves all bathed in orange light,
And see the patterns waiting to explode.
There are no secrets left between all men,
When all have faded, gone, and turned to dust
Eventually all things will happen when,
The snow has taught us something about trust.
Inside my head the snow it melts away,
I open up my eyes and start the day.

551 (20.12.2015)

Nature revolts against the greedy man
We dig out earth and leave it on the ground
We construct things as cheaply as we can,
And do not care that sin is all around.
When floods and mudslides ravage all your homes
We still refuse to take the blame at all,
It's just our DNA and chromosomes
"We're working with our backs against the wall..."
There's nothing similar to us in you,
There's nothing you can trace in all our wealth,
We are a better breed and it is true,
We do not care about our neighbours health,
Or care about the world in which we live,
For all we do is take and never give

550 (19.12.2015)

We shuffle through IKEA with the kids,
We dream of the abandoned house we'll buy,
And what we'll get that being poor forbids
When we no longer have to wonder why?
The children run and jump on all the beds,
They hide in cupboards and they disappear
They run around, they fall and bang their heads,
They worry us and then they reappear.
We eat a meal that's very cheap indeed
Though perhaps not the greatest food on earth,
But no one cares, it fills a hole and need
And normally you pay what things are worth.
Then we drive back to Hastings by the sea,
And watch The Bridge that's ending on TV.

549 (18.12.2015)

You are a strong wall, but I am a wedge,
that drives between you bits of different law.
I infiltrate your groups and then I pledge,
That each of you is bound to win a war.
Although I say I fear Islamic State,
And say I fear the fearful Taliban,
I come up with Islamic Emirate,
Deceived then you obey my master plan.
For I have all the power in the world,
And waves of wealth beyond your wildest dreams,
See how my strength, so subtly unfurled,
It leads you into more and more extremes.
I laugh as you three fight amongst yourselves,
As big a threat to me as Christmas elves.

548 (17.12.2015)

From either side, the shores of raging sea
reach up to grab our tiny drowning boat.

I hold you close, (as close as close can be),
and slip the words "I love you..." from my throat.

Beneath us there is solid ground somewhere
and high above, the stars are safe and bright.

Helpless and trembling in the fearful air
we share
       our love
             our worries
                    and our fright.

I see lights lost, they're shining in the past,
your tiny eyes when you first smiled at me
before this long lost journey, now our last,
when our lungs will succumb to salty sea.

The waves are high, the water cold and steep,
we flee to dark shores lost down in the deep.

547 (16.12.2015)

Sometimes when I am feeling slightly down,
I look at myself in the mirror and
I tell myself to wipe away the frown
And make the furrows on my brow disband.
It's easy really, life is only short,
How stupid it would be to waste it all,
Maybe happiness really should be taught,
To every one when they are stuck in school.
Perhaps happiness is a thing we learn,
And something that we can use when in need
So when we think we're going to crash and burn,
We can use happiness our souls to feed.
There's other things that stop depression too,
Like coming back home and talking with you.

546 (15.12.2015)

I am as numb, as numb as numb can be,
There's pieces inside that cannot be moved,
And even though it's difficult to see,
There's things I had that now have been removed.
And feelings have all drained away and gone,
That used to fill me up with hope and dreams,
And all the things my heart it rested on,
Have been replaced by angles and extremes.
I'm not too sure why this has happened though,
Nor do I think it's either good or bad,
Maybe it's natural that these things should go,
But I still feel nothing, happy or sad
Ness. It's taken a while to come to this,
A chance to sink into the dark abyss.

545 (14.12.2015)

Totalitarian Theocratic
Nightmare. The way the world is headed now?
Suicide attacks, a bit erratic,
And also pretty depleting somehow.
Then, meanwhile, on the ground there's laws and things,
With which we're all protected, so they say,
And some old famous pop star goes and sings,
About the things that will not go away,
Like ignorance and moral corruption.
Those educational establishments,
Laying down the seeds of our disruption,
Get everybody sitting on the fence.
Goodbye, good luck, think I'll see you later,
Leave the world to them and their big data.

544 (13.12.2015)

She's very pretty Marion Marechal,
Pretty and blonde and only twenty-five,
We'll get her in the government we shall,
She'll make those politicians feel alive.
Though experts say her looks they may distract,
From all of her great political views,
They think the voting French will just react,
To what she looks like when she's on the news.
But welcome to the real world one and all,
She'll cut us into ribbons with that smile
And all her right wing words will simply fall,
Far from the ears of those still in denial.
So good luck to you little Miss Le Penn,
But it's not only eyes that vote for men.

543 (12.12.2015)

Trump and Le Pen they do the best they can,
With fear they fill the masses of our heads
They will keep out the tortured frightened man,
They will not help the children with no beds.
Trumps says he's good at building mighty walls,
And Junkie Mexicans will be kept out,
While Le Pen says that Euro stands and falls,
On knowing what defence is all about.
So these two stand up strong and they proclaim,
That they will save us all and be our guides
And everything they do is in God's name,
But they fill up our hearts with pesticides.
So all the voters hear are words of fear,
And thoughts of love and goodness disappear.

542 (11.12.2015)

When I am down I feel so low and mean,
That everything I do just seems absurd,
And everything I've done is so obscene
I don't know why I wrote a single word.
My heart is filled with darkness not with blood,
My brain is numb as numb as numb can be,
And I am wading through great swathes of mud,
That are so deep that I can hardly see.
When I am down I feel as if I've drowned,
As if I've no life left I wish to fight,
And in my head is only silent sound
And all around me all is darkest night.
When I am down I need you here so bad,
And all else in the world just me more sad.

541 (10.12.2015)

As winter's darkness slowly closes in
Between the layers of my soul and me
And creeps beneath the measures of my skin
Into the depths of what I cannot see.
I wonder whether all is lost or not,
We can still see a little in the dark,
And though all life, it seems, is bound to rot
We still chose sometimes not to disembark.
So winter gathers round us and it warms,
The parts of us that waited in the night,
And all the gentle dances it performs,
And bound up in the loneliness of light.
So we can see the way that summers bloom,
Inside the winter darkness and the gloom.

540 (09.12.2015)

He did not live and so he could not die,
And everything he'd done was like a dream
He met the world with nothing but a sigh,
As though his whole life had run out of steam.
And she did little to make matters worse,
She swore a bit and wore a purple dress,
Occasionally she'd open up her purse,
And try to cheer him up with her caress.
The pair of them they liked a little drink,
They'd pass the evenings watching the TV,
And try to never have to really think,
About the way the human race could be.
"If every day is numbered, till you die...
Then what's the point to ever even try?"

539 (08.12.2915)

I met a man today who made me think,
Now wasn't that a treat for little me,
Whose brain seems to be always on the blink,
Whose mind seems to be always lost at sea?
He made me think, I think, but I don't know,
I can't remember what I thought about
So I have nothing really I can show
And very little of which I can shout.
He did say something interesting I'm sure
I know it made me stop a little while,
And then the world was not like just before,
And on my face I found a little smile.
I met him though this morning anyway,
I think... or maybe it was yesterday.

538 (07.12.2015)

See what the number seven means to me?
We think about the stars and how they stretch,
Away from all of us eternally,
And all the information we can't fetch,
Into our brains because it's just too much
And we get headaches even if we try,
To understand the speed of light and such,
And what's beyond the sky, beyond the sky.
And that's what seeing you does to my brain,
Just twenty years ago you were so young,
And now you're all grown up. Time is a train,
That leaves us shaking heads with speechless tongue.
I hug you all and hide my verging tears,
And stare back down the lonely path of years.

537 (06.12.2015)

When duty calls each man must take their stance,
And stand up and be counted where they are
And each must do their best and take the chance,
That nothing they begin will carry far.
We drown in choices that we should have made,
We pick up points for things we follow through,
We miss the places where we should have stayed
Instead of rushing off to somewhere new.
One day we look back at the things we've done,
And see the way we think we should have gone
When trying to find a place beside the sun
Or something that it's light might shine upon.
Or maybe it's just time to go to sleep,
And close your eyes before you start to weep.

536 (05.12.2015)

Take two steps forward then take one step back,
And when you're done, the next day do the same
You might be walking down a cul-de-sac,
But still you'll only have yourself to blame.
Go forward one step then go backward two,
Try doing this a while until you're bored,
Then try and work out what it's best to do,
To stop yourself from falling on your sword.
Now don't do anything but breathe and sink
Into the place where nothing every moves,
And every time your brain it wants to think,
Make sure it knows that silence disapproves.
And when you start to rest and worries cease,
Then get your inner voice to whisper: "Peace."

535 (04.12.2015)

I've trained my inner voice to whisper: 'Peace.'
I send out silent ripples on the wind,
That pass through people's bodies and release
The good in them that cannot be rescind.
When sitting in a public place I start,
To let the word 'Peace' echo round my head,
Then send it like an arrow from my heart
Out through the people where I watch it spread.
If we all whisper 'Peace' with one accord,
If we all send a constant flow of prayers,
Can something in the world not be restored,
That we lost once when we were unawares?
Have we not always know what has been taught,
All changes in the world begin with thought?

534 (03.12.2015)

Bilary When you are a sucking hunt,
See Slamron's sock? It's spewing on your tongue.
Misguided, lost, infectious little runt,
What did your father say when you were young?
Did he not mention that all war is a sin?
Mention chemicals and Bomber Harris ?
Did he not mention how all wars begin?
Did you buy shares in arms after Paris?
Your father there? He's turning in his grave,
And you sitting on Corbyn's right hand side?
A blue lickspittle, mouthpiece and a slave,
Arms crossed and smiling as we sink and slide.
Your father taught you well... think for yourself,
But did he teach it's good to kill for wealth?

533 (03.12.2015)

May peace come down and settle on mankind,
May all of us be trapped inside its glow,
And may we all stop searching as we find,
The things we need and what we need to know.
Let love come down and fill up all our hearts
With empathy, compassion and the chance
For us to unite all our shattered parts
And stand together, hold hands and advance.
May light be spread amongst us all for good,
Let all our fears be laid to rest at last,
Let us see things as clearly as we should
And build a better future from our past.
May evil in us shrink and fade away,
And all the good in us grow strong and stay.

532 (02.12.2015)

Dear pilot with your bomb of bright Brimstone
We each live with the world at our command
When you are up there flying all alone,
There's no excuse to do as they demand.
Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not kill again.
It's not enough to just do what they say,
You'll hear those children screaming even when
They're dead and all their blood's been washed away.
And who was it that killed them may I ask?
I say: "Not I!" But I'm not really sure,
And politicians too must share the task,
They said the best defence is start a war.
But none of us did what you choose to do,
The only actual murderer is you.

531 (01.12.2015)

The way to peace must be to drop some bombs,
Since they're fanatics with fanatic views,
And all of us at home like Peeping-Toms
Waiting to see the pictures on the news.
They'll make it a bit sterile though of course,
No pictures of no disembowelled kids,
No bloodied mothers howling with remorse,
No realism common sense forbids.
Who wants to see that sort of thing at night,
When families are eating evening meals?
Just flex our muscle's military might,
Who cares how burning flesh on children feels?
Now everybody knows it's time for war,
And nobody can stop it anymore.