464 (30.09.2015)

When I see now the wrinkles on my face,
It's hard to feel that it is really me,
How did this old man suddenly displace,
The youthful fellow that I used to be.
Although inside I sort of feel the same,
My body's lagging just a bit behind,
My thought's as quick as ever I could claim,
Yet energy and speed are hard to find.
And so I look into those wrinkled eyes,
And search for youth that never will look back,
I'm trapped forever in this strange disguise,
A squinting man with skin that's loose and slack.
I feel as old and ancient as the sea,
But am as young as I will ever be.

463 (29.09.2015)

I think I want what's just out of my reach
I think that's just the way I have been built
I listen if I hear an idiot preach
And actually quite like a little guilt.
Sometimes it is quite hard to laugh and smile 
A brave face isn't easy to achieve,
The friend who always goes an extra mile,
Is one that you had better never leave.
Perfection isn't being nearly done, 
But seeing things through to the bitter end,
No matter if the battle's lost or won
You stand there with your one and only friend.
So close your eyes and buckle up your ears,
And walk with me away from all those tears. 

462 (28.09.2015)

It's good for you to do it everyday
It's good for discipline and all that stuff
There's always something new you have to say
Especially when the world's a little rough.
You watch your food, you watch your heart and soul.
You run for exercise to be at peace
There isn't really any point or goal
It's just another pattern of release.
The sun is shining on the emerald field
The wind it blows the early autumn trees
Between the shadows secrets are revealed
It takes a while to get up from your knees.
You watch yourself and every day you change 
And everyday new things drift out of range.

461 (27.09.2015)

Perhaps the things you do are done for you,
And secondly they're done for those you serve?
For in this life you are not number two,
And do you not expect what you deserve?
Of course the mask of selflessness is best
And charity and good deeds win the day,
Yet I have done, and now I do confess,
I sometimes pay for things to go away.
There is a gnawing sense of guilt inside,
When I see all those adverts on TV,
About the things from which I'd like to hide,
But somehow I am being forced to see.
So I give 'cause I'm too soft to ignore,
But then I'm asked to give a little more.

460 (26.09.2015)

Here is a day that's gone as black as nails,
So many colours mixed together's brown,
That English hope it hopefully entails
To beat the Welsh and win another crown.
Yet "No, it will not be!" The Dragon said,
And England made a muddle of a feast
Although all hope is perhaps not quite dead,
It's bruised and battered at the very least.
So now you have to beat Australia,
And this of course you certainly can do,
To prove we're not a total failure,
So we can all once more believe in you.
That golden cup is waiting for your hands,
To hold it high in front of all your fans.

459 (25.09.2015)

They listened to the silence like the wind,
And heard only the its whisper in the trees
And then they vowed that they had never sinned
And rode off down the hallway in their knees.
They way of peace had filled their hearts with love,
And nothing else could matter anymore,
For all at once the stars up high above,
Had opened up another secret door.
They  listened to the sound of sound itself,
They saw the sights that only light can see,
And then walked home with pockets full of wealth
And shared it out between the lost like me.
And I tried hard to live the perfect day,
And wrote a brand new song entitled Stay.

458 (24.09.2015)

If the rich don't get him the butchers will,
For now he's said that Vegans are alright,
Just watch it now as blood begins to spill
As all the carnivores put up a fight.
I just don't have the time to discuss this,
We each must choose the way we feel is best,
I hit the mark sometimes but often miss,
I try my hardest but still fail the test.
It's not that I don't care about the world
Nor that I feel that killing isn't cruel,
It's just that in this place we've all been hurled,
It's hard to justify a single rule.
So we have to allow and not place blame,
And understand we are not all the same.

457 (23.09.2105)

Oh why is it that I never feel free?
I'm restricted by invisible chains.
That drag me down and steal the best from me
And I am left the little that remains.
I have no need to be at all depressed,
My life is better than it's ever been
And yet I somehow fail to do my best
And cannot understand what it might mean.
An aim, a goal, a purpose in our lives
Something that gets us up and out of bed,
A thing for which the individual strives
That helps the universe and clears his head.
I have all of these things and want for none,
Yet into self indulgence have I spun.

456 (22.09.2015)

For years we've known that he's a fucking pig,
(He's lead us all right down the garden path),
But now we know that he's a Piggy-Whig,
It seems that it's our turn to have a laugh.
So he wakes up with his dear darling wife,
And holds up a black mirror to that face,
And it remains forever in his life,
A particularly public fall from grace.
You wash it off but it won't go away,
Your little willy went between those lips
And it is there no matter what you say,
The image that no picture will eclipse...
"...PM who just can't control his hard-ons,
Munching on a plate of greasy lardons..."

455 (23.09.2015)

Today I'm going to try to make a note
Of all the times I feel out of control
Of every time life grabs me by the throat
Or I feel that I'm sinking in a hole.
I'll write all of these things down one by one,
On bits of toilet paper that I find,
Then burn them in a pile beneath the sun
And banish them forever from my mind.
I'm trying to work out just the way it works,
Why is it that I seem to lose my grip,
The world it never seems to smile, it smirks
And never are we warned before me trip.
Again, again, again things out of place,
And peace of mind is gone without a trace.

454 (21.09.2015)

Do you understand how much I love you?
Although I can't express it all in words,
Sometimes the skies are sunny and bright blue,
But still they are not filled with flying birds.
If I could breathe you into me I would,
I wish we had been born as siamese twins,
Perhaps there is a scientist who could
Attach us both together via our limbs.
Even when you're standing next to me,
Sometimes it feels like we're too far apart,
And so I hold your hand so you can see,
That only then does my heart's beating start.
For when I am with you the world is good,
And all things seem to function as they should.

453 (20.09.2015)

Somehow today I feel lost and alone,
The world seems to have spiralled from control
So many little things have turned to stone
I'm floating on a thread above a hole
And everything around is real and dark
And all the dreams that yesterday were true
Today have somehow lost their sacred spark
So nothing in the universe is new.
So we live lives in bodies and in thought
Yet each of us is slipping all the time,
Reality's a trap and we've been caught
And can't be free no matter how we climb.
Today I feel like this and it's a shame,
I hope tomorrow I don't feel the same.

452 (19.09.2015)

Surprises all around the world give in,
For nothing beats the shock we've had today,
We are so stunned that you could hear a pin
Drop. Let no one take this moment away
From those braves who deserved it oh so well
They smile and we all know what they all think
They have a story they'll forever tell
Of how they got South Africa to sink.
For once in every while these things occur,
The world that did not know they had no clue
Yet nothing could those Japanese deter,
They had a chance at victory and they knew:
That he who trusts himself and tries his best,
Can rise up and be better than the rest.

451 (18.09.2015)

My children on my lap we watch TV,
We watch The Octonauts on CBeebies
They're on an adventure under the sea
My children and myself aren't hard to please.
There are some moments in the day when peace
Is once more allowed to descend on us
And for a while the frets and worries cease
And our lives are no longer made of fuss.
The rugby World Cup starts again tonight
It's Friday and the weekend days await
They got their forth try so that's all alright
The children got to bed a bit too late.
Somedays are much more normal than the rest,
Perhaps these day though are the very best.

450 (17.09.2015)

How deep, how deep, can this corruption go?
Into the very root of all our souls.
Where all is covered and nothing's on show,
As dark as all their secrets, hate and goals.
I pass you this, you pass me that my friend,
I give you this, you give me something more
Is this the way it will be till the end?
Until the waves no longer hit the shore?
But is it fair that I have friends as well?
And surely I must want the best for them,
And should I not protect them and dispel
The possibility that I lose friendship's gem.
So I will help my friends for they help me,
And this is sadly how it just will be.

449 (16.09.2015)

This sonnet's written while I'm on a train
Remembering my friends from long ago
Who I'm going to meet now once again
I hope my nervousness it doesn't show.
When we were younger we all met in school
We grew up there together for five years
And we were taught how to be hard and cruel
And how to magically conceal our fears.
It's over thirty years since we all left
And thirty years of life that we've all led
Tonight we try to conjugate the theft
And ponder how those years so quickly fled.
I hope that they're all happy, loved and free,
And that they all look much older than me.

448 (15.09.2015)

Let every voice that reads a word be clear
And let those words ring from the farthest hill
And echo back so once again they're near
And all our empty hearts with love they fill.
A whispered word is stronger than a shout,
The silent words of truth will win the day
At least if we don't all just mope about
And let the devil speed us to decay.
So busy be and and play your gracious part
Lift up your candle high into the night
If you have not begun then make a start
And help to guide us all towards the light.
If everyone did as much as they could,
The world would be less evil and more good.

447 (14.09.2015)

So now he's won what chances will he get?
They'll let the wheels of vicious rumour spin,
And speak of him like he's a national threat,
And like the labour party has caved in.
And all the little propaganda pricks
Will stab and ruin everything they can
Again, again the same old dirty tricks,
To tarnish and degrade a trying man.
Yes they'll attempt to ruin every chance,
That Corbyn has to change this crooked place,
Lead readers on a merry little dance,
To prove that he's a communist disgrace.
Let's hope for once their evil spinnings fail...
Not everybody reads the Daily Mail.

446 (13.09.2015)

When all the world is quiet and at peace
See how the war machine it blunders on
Creating havoc that may never cease
Unless we tell those mongrels to be gone.
But it's so easy for them to divide
Humanity to give them more control
And gradually we sink and we subside
Into their nasty money-grabbing hole.
So very, very cleverly they spin
And weave their lies, and all the truth they crush
Until at last, of course, we all cave in
To deeds that would make Machiavelli blush.
And then poor modern man, with little hope,
He slips upon an ever steepening slope.

446 (13.09.2015)

What is the sky that is so bright at night,
That teaches us what we still have to do?
It dwindles me, but makes me feel alright
Are we just this, could that really be true?
For when I sleep at night I know I'm gone,
And when I wake again I make the world,
Between the spaces that the sun has shone,
A million shadows still remain unfurled.
Another tiny star just like the rest?
Another speck of dust on someone's sky?
Or is this just another little test,
That's made to make the world of you and I?
When I look up into the skies above,
Their vastness fills my soul with aching love.

445 (12.09.2015)

I close my eyes in silence and I wait
To hear the words that come out of my mind
I cannot move and can't anticipate
What will be next and what's there I might find.
It's like the act of balancing on rope,
I have to be here but not be here too,
I just have to be patient and to hope
That something will emerge to give to you.
And I am not allowed to fear or threat
For if I do the well will surely dry
And all the words that you and I will get,
Will be as false and hollow as a lie.
So I try not to think but just to hear,
And write down all the best lines that appear.

444 (11.09.2015)

The drink I have next is as dark as night,
And shadows linger deep inside my cup
They seem to suck the life out of the light
And when I drink they never fill me up.
But all I long for is this sweetest taste,
I'd give my soul for just one tiny drop
And when I drink then none will go to waste,
For I'll refill my glass when first I stop.
Oh coffee and beer and coca-cola come
Let darkest spirits fill my darkest needs
I mix them all up with a pint of rum
And let my body float down through the reeds.
There is no need for me to take my rest,
I raise my glass and get drunk with my guest.

443 (10.09.2015)

When I speak of your eyes I think of love
For in the depths of those green pools I see
The wonders that I'm undeserving of
That bond my heart and fate and life to thee.
It's not that I don't love you just as much,
Nor that my love has any bounds at all
It's just that when I see your eyes they touch
My soul and make all else so very small.
There is a rock that I have built upon,
There is a great foundation in the my life
There is a strength that never will be gone,
That I forever share with you dear wife.
So take my hand, the best is yet to come,
And to success at last we will succumb.

442 (09.09.2015)

Who was the first man to wear shiny shoes?
The first to put a tie around his neck?
Which leader did these items first amuse?
Why did he force his subjects to bedeck
Themselves with these constraints, was it a whim?
Or was it part of some great master plan,
So they'd all know they were controlled by him,
And that he was the leader of all man?
See now the business men in shiny ties,
See all the teachers shuffle in grey suits,
See all the ladies with their painted eyes,
See all the soldiers in their heavy boots.
Let fashion live and die and then be gone,
And leave us satisfied with nothing on.

441 (08.10.2015)

The sun glints far across the Hastings waves,
And gleams upon the ridge back there in Ore,
D'you see the way that nature now behaves,
The way it's done so many times before?
Long, long before we came to be on earth
Long, long before our earliest family had
Any idea of our far distant birth
Nor wondered if we'd turn out good or bad.
The sun shone just like this so long ago,
The same sun that on me now gently pours
It caused the gradual melting of the snow,
It warmed the backs of tiny dinosaurs,
As it now warms the buildings in the cold
And warms the hearts of both the young and old.

440 (07.09.2015)

I'm sitting in McDonald's with the girls
A bit ashamed of what I've had to eat
My daily fat intake in little pearls
Is trickling through my blood from head to feet.
I tell myself it's not too bad sometimes
I only come here once in every while
But all those little whiles are just like crimes
That land inside my conscience in a pile.
The girls run off and play and I do this
And think about what hunger really means
The air conditioning's like a serpent's hiss
I wonder if it's something in our genes?
I wasn't even hungry when I came
In here but I ate too much all the same.

439 (06.09.2015)

I want to paint a picture of my son
Upon the waiting canvas of your mind
But somehow all my efforts come undone
And words for such perfection I can't find.
I'd like to tell you how his little smile,
It fills me up with love and hope and joy,
And how for just a tiny little while
He was my dearest darling baby boy.
But sometimes words they simply cannot cope
They all fall short and end up breaking down,
And then the person writing has no hope,
Of ever being more than just a clown.
So somethings are impossible at best,
And words they sometimes need a little rest.

438 (05.09.2015)

Who are you searching for out in the world
Another leader? Yet another king?
A lord to trumpet with his flags unfurled?
Another God unto whom we shall sing?
We search the world and open up our eyes,
We scour all the earth for signs of love,
And then when our enthusiasm dies,
We turn our eyes towards the skies above.
And there we see the noble and the blest,
And there we find the owners of our race,
High up in heaven far above the rest
Looking with longing eyes upon this place.
Who we are searching for will we not find,
Quite confident and close inside our mind?

437 (04.09.2015)

There is a risk I think that I may take,
Perhaps I'll place my bet and have a go,
Though problems might be all I ever make,
Since earnings are reputedly quite slow.
My friend he says it's cheap at half the price
But I've not known him for so very long,
And I'm not sure I trust in his advice,
When he tells me that nothing can go wrong.
There's consequences to all that we do,
But still you know I think it might be fun
To have a go and really see it through,
And then just pay the price when I am done.
Imagine all that power and control,
And after all a soul is but a soul.

436 (03.09.2015)

D'you feel the horror encroaching on us?
They're getting us prepared for wars to come,
Ever so slowly like a one wheeled bus
Ever so subtle 'cause they know we're dumb.
Ever increasing horrors on parade,
Ever the spectacles that will enrage
Ever more reasons for the next crusade,
Ever the psychology to engage.
Oh simple, simple me please stop and think,
Beyond the headlines and beyond the past,
Don't let them trick you once more to the brink
Of wars they say will always be the last.
But who will hear and ignore nonetheless,
The voice that's crying in the wilderness?

435 (03.09.2015)

Today we packed the boys back off to school
And suddenly our lives were very strange,
It's not that we don't love them, not at all,
It's just that it's a monumental change.
Young Iris went to her nursery too
Then it was just Isla, me and my wife
And I had faith that at last I could do,
The things I've always wanted with my life.
So let's see how these waiting roads unfold
Let's see if I'm as good as what I think
When I don't have to do what I am told,
I wonder if I'll float or will I sink?
Of course that question's just a little jest,
There is no pressure when you do your best.

434 (03.09.2015)

You make some promises you never keep,
You say you'll do this thing and then you don't
And all my hopes are piled up in a heap
You say you will but I still know you won't.
It's not just once but time and time again,
You wave a bit of hope for me to see,
And then you make it disappear just when
I think I'm gonna to have some time for me.
It's not that I don't love the things I do
It's not like that, but sometimes it's quite nice
To have a break from all the kids and you
And listen to my own thoughts and advice.
So please my darling, though I love you true,
Next time you promise something, see it through.

433 (02.09.2015)

So now the rain has come to greet us all,
It shimmers on the ground and gently sings
Beneath the wheels of passing cars that crawl
Inside the light and dark that winter brings.
I get the washing in from on the deck,
I get the washing in from on the line
I open up the front door just to check
The car alarm that's calling isn't mine.
And then I tidy up a little bit,
I clear the latest round of played with toys,
Then after I get coffee and I sit,
And wait for you to come back with the boys.
I wonder if you sheltered 'neath a tree,
Or are you walking through the rain to me?

432 (01.09.2015)

When days are dark and death is all around,
It's good to sit and contemplate our lives,
And have a little look at what we've found,
To see what doesn't last and what survives.
There's things I feel I do that fade away,
There's things I've done that I know will remain,
Beyond me and my final resting day,
Past memories of our sadness and our pain.
I wish you well all those in sorrow now,
I wish that I could be near you and share,
And give you some assurances some how,
That always there's an end to our despair.
I love you all and wish you all the best,
As you lay those that have been loved to rest.