495 (31.10.2015)

Last night I was not woken by my kids!
I think that it's the first time in eight years
That sleep's not been what parenthood forbids.
So all last night I slept without child's tears,
Without having to coax one back to sleep,
Without having to soothe a sickly head,
Without having to calm a nightmare's weep,
Without having to move them from my bed.
So I was left alone with my two dreams
Which both were pretty scary actually,
(The gift of sleep's not always as it seems),
In one my kids were all taken from me.
And so you see I woke up anyway,
And went to check that they were all Okay.

494 (30.10.2015)

You take something that's whole and break it up,
And share the pieces out between them all,
But then they howl like wolves inside a cup,
And you brick yourself up inside a wall.
You did not mean to displease anyone,
You did not think sharing an evil deed,
But now it seems a new age has begun,
Where nothing counts except the power of need.
And so you give and give as you once gave,
And repetition keeps you safe and warm
But none of them will take the time to save,
The power they had to make you conform.
At first your letter seemed like it was nice,
But then I took some time and read it twice.

493 (29.10.2015)

We're going to the cinema today
It's raining and it's grey and dull outside
It's sixteen-fifty that we'll have to pay,
See? Finance and intentions they collide.
We're going to the beach today I think,
It's lovely down there when the tide is low,
We like to run on wet sand and to sink
Into the muddy pools like sandy snow.
I like to watch the waves come to the shore,
I love to be away from house but home
I look back at the town that I adore
And watch as all my troubles turn to foam.
Far better to be out here in the rain,
Than stuck inside and in debt once again.

492 (28.10.2015)

There's no point in my thinking what to write,
For every thought I have revolves round you,
And even though you're far beyond my sight,
You stick around my mind like super glue.
It's not just pictures somewhere in my head,
But something that fills every part of me,
I try to see the world but there instead,
Is something of which I cannot be free.
So many years it's been like this and so,
I hardly pay that matter any heed,
There's parts of me that cannot let you go
And parts of me that quite like how I bleed.
I don't know why this love remains alive,
Or why it is that sorrow makes it thrive.

491 (27.10.2015)

I haven't seen the news for a long time,
Is all the world still working as it should?
Are half of us still terrorised by crime?
Are half of us still trying to be good?
If I turn on the TV will I see,
That something good is happening today?
Or will I sit and disappointingly,
Be shown that only evil comes our way.
I'd like to watch the news for once and learn
That we are still quite good and in control
And that we're not about to crash and burn,
And that the human race still has a goal.
I'm not saying the news is just a lie,
But it somehow represses you and I.

490 (26.10.2015)

Let rats and mice and scabies lice and worms,
Come visit you and take pretension down,
So you can see you're not beyond our germs,
And that they do not care about your crown.
You might be king of all that you survey,
So survey this and quickly make a note,
Of how the parasites they come to stay,
And how they make a bed inside your throat.
There is no mortal man that is not food,
No eyes that see beyond illusion's veil,
There is no point in you being so rude,
When very little of you will prevail.
We are all equal in so many ways,
As one by one we live our numbered days.

489 (25.10.2015)

There is no time to sit and wonder why
There's only time to hurry on your way
And wish that you had wings so you could fly
From all the things that clutter up your day.
But still you need to slow down and relax
When everything is speeding by so fast
Before the others start to see the cracks
And understand that this can never last.
There are some things that stop a waiting clock,
That cause our sense of time to circumvent
Distractions that are solid as a rock,
And somehow seem to keep the time we've lent.
Some people say that time does not exist,
And still we cannot get back what we've missed.

488 (24.10.2015)

When everything is black and settled down,
When all the colours of your life are grey,
When all your mouth it wants to do is frown
And there are no more words you wish to say.
Foundations do not move from hour to hour,
In ups and downs somethings stay strong and clear,
And everything is not beyond your power,
If you can concentrate on what is here.
I'd like to think foundation is a light
And yet at times it's hard to even smile
When we wake up and all around is night
And happiness can take a little while.
So even though on one level we know,
It's still so hard to let our sadness go.

487 (23.10.2015)

They're building bonfires out of all you love,
They're setting fire to what you think you need
So that you can shine like the stars above,
And not let simple things yourself impede.
There's nothing left it's time for you to go,
Leave everything behind that held you back,
Change all the things you thought you used to know,
And understand there's nothing that you will lack.
So stand up once again and just be brave,
It's never easy changing things around,
But sometimes what we leave is what we save,
And what we lost is less than what we've found.
So jump then now and understand the worth-
lessness of all the things you have on earth.

486 (22.10.2015)

And so it is that this world spins around
One second we are up and the we're gone
Without a clue quite what it is we've found
Or where it is that light that once was shone.
In all a world of platitudes and grace
When not a word is spoken in the wrong
And everyone is so good to your face
And we are all so nice and play along,
Well isn't it refreshing for a change
When someone breaks our manners and is rude,
And thrusts the ghost of pettiness from range
By saying what they think and being crude?
Richard, forgive yourself and we will too,
Because you know it all comes back to you.

485 (21.10.2015)

Our two year old is difficult to tame,
We've moved her a bit early from her cot,
So now she thinks that it's a funny game,
To try and run around when she should not.
We cannot reason with her it's no use,
And when I'm strict she doesn't seem to care,
So I write by her bed taking abuse,
Just waiting for her silence in despair.
She'll drop off when she's good and ready though,
And sing her self to sleep while kicking me,
Infuriating like nothing I know,
But all the time as cute as cute can be.
The devil's here all dressed up like a child,
Who should be fast asleep but's running wild.

484 (20.10.2015)

If we're the sum of all the parts we are,
And all mankind's the sum of all mankind
Then we're connected to the Myanmar
And every other human we can find.
So we are all reflected in a mesh,
And this is how it was and will be too,
A world of spirits dwelling in the flesh,
Some things cannot be proved but are still true.
The fields of conscience rattle in the wind,
Old men with heavy burdens try and try,
To write a formula for those who've sinned
And find an answer to the question "Why?"
Are we beyond the sum of all we know,
Or simply nothing more than quid pro quo?

483 (19.10.2015)

Let all the words and humbleness of minds,
Bow down as we behold what Shakespeare made,
And see how age new meaning simply finds,
And gives a deeper, richer, darker shade.
Need anything be said to add to this?
Need anyone be charged to add a word?
When not a single syllable's amiss,
And so much deep emotion has been stirred.
To hold a mirror up to us on earth,
So we can see ourselves just as we are,
And we can see what human life is worth
As we float round upon our wooden star.
And all the world is staged with all our parts,
Revolving round our placid floating hearts.

482 (18.10.2015)

He's in character, wading through the sea,
The tide has turned the water levels rise
Looks at the camera, back at you and me,
From our sofa see dangers in his eyes.
If we were there with him we'd all survive,
Or maybe his tactic would be to leave,
Us all behind and keep himself alive,
I guess we'd be quite easy to deceive.
I almost hear his voice saying it now,
Desperate as he slips on rocks and stone,
Trying hard to teach us all somehow,
"...The best way to survive is all alone..."
So Mr Grylls says backs the way to go,
And we turn round but then he doesn't show.

481 (17.10.2015)

If all of Greek mythology were true,
Would I always be thirsty like a fool?
Would I spend all my time persuading you,
That beauty's not reflected in a pool?
There's something deep within us that we see,
If we look straight towards the face we meet.
When we are scared and lonely out at sea,
Or when we find a lost friend in the street.
I miss you now though it is long ago,
That we played with the others in our lives,
So many people that I used to know
Of whom now only memory survives.
Fantastic friends that have had to depart,
Whose warmth and friendship still fills up my heart.

480 (16.10.2015)

The gate keepers are there, obese and bored.
Presiding over all who wish to swim,
And anyone's complaints will be ignored
Or handled next week perhaps on a whim.
They've gathered up the money in the box
They've covered all their chips with melted cheese,
They've waited for the whistles and the clocks,
To walk around the pool with covered knees.
A little bit of swimming once a week,
If your child wants to join you have to pay,
Officious, nepotistic and antique
Obey, do what they say, or walk away.
So we turn up and simply play along,
Can't put my finger on it, something's wrong.

479 (15.10.2015)

The addict is eating Ben & Jerry's
I'm watching him and he's using my hands,
It's Cookie flavour with added cherries,
He spoons it up and on my tongue it lands.
I'm trying hard to control him a bit
I once read him a book called Sugar Blues
But even though he says that he'll commit,
It seems that it's a fight I'm bound to lose.
He knows that he should be filled with remorse
He knows that it's an ethical disgrace,
But nothing's like the taste of chocolate sauce
Or stuffing sugar donuts in your face.
So I live with an addict in my soul,
Who eats and eats to fill an endless hole.

478 (14.10.2015)

When they restored the building for the poor,
They knew that it would come to good use soon,
They changed the whole thing starting with the floor,
And now it stands resplendent 'neath the moon.
They all moved in about a week ago,
They said that it looked nice but didn't get,
The fact that where they lived was like the snow,
That falls on you but never gets you wet.
A building that's just like a pair of shoes
You put them on and then forget they're there,
The building changed their lives, which was good news,
They gradually grew rich and learnt to share.
We walk around in wonders everyday,
And never know foundations that we lay.

477 (13.10.2015)

One thousand one hundred and thirty-five
Miles, I'd have to cross to get to you now,
We Facetime so I know that you're alive,
But that just seems to make it worse somehow.
I see you there and I'm here in our home
Inside the house where we both were last night,
While you are far off, miles away in Rome,
And nothing but bits of electric light.
I long to reach out through this tiny screen,
And hold the hand that's holding up your phone,
To make sure you know everything I mean
When I say I don't want to be alone.
I love you is the point I wish to make,
And miss you while you're on your City Break.

476 (12.10.2015)

Let all the solemn words we know be found
And all the things we want to say be said
Before we lie in peace beneath the ground
And take on us the silence of the dead.
For what is said is said and done for good,
And what is kept inside may never show
It's face throughout the world just as it should,
In order that communication flow.
So there are things that I would wish to say,
And I will say them now and then be done,
And all of them will make some sense one day,
When held up in the bright light of the sun.
So I will speak my words when words are there,
Or else in silence simply breathe the air.

475 (11.10.2015)

His name was Richard, his mother loved him,
Even long after he had gone on trial
For something he had done upon a whim
As though he was not just a Paedophile.
The trial was not that long he went to goal,
Kept locked away from all the others there,
But all protection sometimes has to fail,
And when they beat him up no one could care.
His mother loved him when they let him out,
Though people always knew what he had done
None understand what's there, what it's about,
Till someone finally got him with a gun.
They found him submerged in a dirty ditch,
Still just a poor boy though his name was rich.

474 (10.10.2015)

So Ironman and England rugby now,
I watch them both and think of what I'd do,
It's sort of mixing dreams and life somehow,
I used to dream only of bits of you.
The Ironman and Kona's far away,
The England rugby team still all in white
Both live but separated by a day
And all the things they do to train and fight.
All athletes and as different as can be,
Both trained and trained to be just as they are,
The human frame evolved impossibly,
And floating round in space beneath a star.
I dream of these things though they would be tough,
If dreams don't scare you they're not big enough.

473 (09.10.2015)

Watching google box and people watching
Watching TV watching people like me,
All the little things that we are notching
Up so we can reclaim civility.
There is nothing to do but sit and see
The programs that they show upon these screens
It is the early days of our TV,
And still we do not know what it all means.
But perhaps these are more the dying days
And soon we will no longer care to look,
Since all the programs slip into a haze,
And many just prefer to do Facebook.
I'm watching people watching coloured lights,
And all their superficial, phoney heights.

472 (08.10.2015)

That I have loved before now is not true,
For all my past is buried far away,
As I look at the perfect sight of you,
And we start out upon a brand new day.
I hold your hand and fingers fold in mine
I watch you as you lie asleep at night
I feel as if the world is good and fine
And everything will always be alright.
Then, when your patience puts me in my place,
I understand how little I am worth
And everything revolves around the space
That you and I inhabit on the earth.
Perhaps it's true that I loved you before,
But every day I love you more and more.

471 (07.10.2015)

With all the unmatched beauties of the world,
The glorious sea, the priceless skies above,
The burning centre round which all is curled
Is our unequaled shimmering in love.
Do you remember what that love is like?
Remember how it consumes everything?
Remember just how quickly it can strike,
The strange uncurling of a magic spring.
If love goes quiet all the world is dark
And cries out for a rekindling light
A moment's glance to reignite the spark,
That leads us all out of the endless night.
Of all the beauties that we ever see,
None match my love for you and yours for me.

470 (06.10.2015)

When all the light is stolen from your face,
When nothing but the darkness there remains,
I understand that nothing can replace
The life that for so long held me in chains.
And when the dark of night has come around,
And when your light has faded from the world,
I understand that nothing will be found,
To fill the place where love was safely curled.
You are the light and purpose of my life,
You are my comfort when the world is stark
You cut my sorrows like a burning knife
You are the shield that keeps me from the dark.
So stay with me and never leave my side,
And let your light forever be my guide.

469 (05.10.2015)

If all the old explorers came back now,
If Drake and Raleigh once more walked the streets,
If Christopher Columbus could somehow
Come back and read some emails and some tweets.
I wonder what they'd feel about the world,
I wonder what they'd feel we had become,
I wonder if they'd think they had been hurled,
Into a better place or one that's dumb?
See all the things of greatness we've achieved,
See all the great advances we have made,
Are these things all as good as we've believed,
Or have we all been gradually mislaid?
I'd like to know, but it's so hard to see,
Is the past or present best for you and me?

468 (04.10.2015)

I've got a camera and I've got my self,
I pick it up and take a shot of me,
It's something that perhaps betrays ill health,
Not really a thing I'd like you to see.
I take these pictures to see who I am,
I've often wondered what's behind my eyes,
I fear at times my life us just a sham,
And that my face is just a bad disguise.
I flick through all the selfies in my phone,
Through side and side and side of only me,
And in these pictures I'm always alone,
And there is no one else for me to see.
So I look at that lonely worried face,
And know it longs for someone to embrace.

467 (03.10.2015)

Outside the kitchen window lurks my friend,
A spider just as deadly as a bomb
Who causes many six-legged lives to end
In webs he weaves with effortless aplomb.
His legs are sharp, his body fed and plump,
He moves like light upon his silver strings,
When there's the slightest twitch I see him jump,
Onto a fly to embroider its wings.
Both night and day he waits upon his silk,
As patient and as calm as death itself,
To suck from tangled prey the living milk,
And add it to the store of his own wealth.
So clinical and fast and quick and clean,
The outside window fly killing machine.

466 (02.10.2015)

God bless the world from people with small minds,
The terrified, officious clothed in grey
Who happily would draw down all the blinds
And lie down on the floor and just obey.
So see them now and open up your eyes,
And make sure that you don't end up like them,
Just walking round in some sort of disguise
With heart and mind both filled with your own phlegm.
They are a useless bunch of little worth,
And you are worth more than all tongues can tell,
So do not let them trap you here on the earth,
Just spread your wings, fly past them and excel
Be wary though be wary and take care,
As you fly through the liberated air.

465 (01.10.2015)

At first it was just simply words of war
A war of words that stuck inside the head,
But then he pushed her hand, though nothing more,
And it became a scuffle by the shed.
Things became a little bit more heated
The scuffle grew into a proper fight,
Kindness and their friendship were defeated
As each insisted only they were right.
Some friends they'd had from long ago before
Came in and took up with their favourite side
Until they all declared that: "This is war!"
And into great confusions did collide.
See once again when everybody sins,
The devil is the only one who wins.