431 (31.08.2015)

The simple words "I love you..." fall so short
Of all the things I wish them to fulfil
That every syllable amounts to nought
And I wish I'd just let my tongue be still.
For what's the use of all the things I say,
When my soft spies betray all that I feel,
And everything that's real is on display
Inside these eyes that nothing can conceal.
Yet still the sound of 'Love' upon my tongue
And that word with the sounds of 'I' and 'You'
They change the air that passes from my lung,
And make it bless the lips if passes through.
So even though it's only words and breath,
I'll keep saying "I love you..." till my death.

430 (30.08.2015)

As distant thundered lightening strikes the sky,
The wind begins to exercise and blow,
And all the birds go swiftly racing by
Returning to the places that they know.
And now the storm begins to take control,
The wind shows just a little of its strength
And in the distance deeper thunders roll
Increasing both their volume and their length.
And next upon the stage we have the rain
At first it's just a sprinkled kiss, no more,
But everybody knows, and it is plain
That soon the skies will open up and pour.
And I watch all this safely from my bed,
And let the raindrops fill my busy head.

429 (29.08.2015)

They closed his eyes and let him go to sleep
And then they slept as well and it was fine
If children are too tired they tend to weep
They tend to fight and get depressed and whine.
But after just a little rest the world
Is brighter and the day can start again
And all the energies become uncurled
And happiness is bright and sweet and plain.
They let him sleep until he was revived
And then they walked around the town some more
And when the night began he still survived.
And they got him up to bed and heard him snore.
So tiredness can mess with children's heads.
They're better off back in their homes and beds.

428 (28.08.2015)

When pleasant company's here we have no need
To scurry round in search of newer friends
When every interaction seems to feed
An ancient longing on which man depends.
Some people might not say it though they should,
There's company that's good and some that's bad
Though often it's been quite misunderstood
How someone leaving can make you feel glad.
So loneliness is not an empty cage,
Nor is it something rude and filled with test
But maybe it's a chance to turn the page
And find the company to make it best.
So each of us has webs that stick like glue.
And friends and dreams that somehow we see through.

427 (27.08.2015)

Out of the frying pan into the fire,
Milwaukee caravan in grave danger,
They all said the owner was a liar
Only because he remained a stranger.
They never met him so how would they know?
Saw it in a paper or on the news,
Or some other great American show,
Where all the speakers tell you what to choose.
So they got him and they burned him alive,
They locked the doors and set it all alight.
No one could know he'd manage to survive,
And that he'd get them one by one at night.
Got rid of all the bodies in the lake,
Then disappeared like some strange ghostly snake.

426 (26.08.2015)

This is a day to celebrate our love,
To put away all horrid earthly thought
To let ourselves float through the skies above,
To understand the lessons we've been taught.
So many lessons I have learnt from you,
To have more time for others than myself
To be decisive, honest, straight and true,
To understand that money isn't wealth.
So many lessons studied in a day,
So much the love and care you radiate
And all the bits of heaven you display
That circle round our life and make it great.
Nine years of love with you my darling wife,
My soul mate and foundation of my life.

425 (25.09.2015)

The politicians turn and meet again
They drop their guard and give a little smile,
With little empathy for other's pain
Or with a thought for those that they revile.
The populous are always merely "Them"
The peasants who have built the roads and schools,
Who thoughtlessly themselves seem to condemn
By passively obeying all the rules.
The rules the gaolers subtly keep enforced,
With all the media doing as they say
So that the system's somehow self endorsed,
And thought is kept impeccably at bay.
So many flaws in such a simple plan...
Like blatant disregard for fellow man.

424 (24.08.2015

The children's music plays while they're asleep
The rain it patters outside in the dark
The mourning mother bows her head to weep
And wanders, lonely, through the soaking park.
The memories of mothers never fade
They have to learn to live with sacred loss 
And learn to smile a little in the shade
And learn to carry the most heavy cross.
Yet though it's hard there has to be a light
A glimmer that fills up the darkest space
And fills the dreams of those who love at night
With hope that they will once more see the face
Of those that they have lost but still adore
And that they'll meet upon God's golden shore.

423 (23.08.2015)

My brain is drained of clever things today,
There's just a gap where there ought to be words
I used to think that persistence would pay,
But thoughts fly off like flocks of frightened birds.
So now I'm left alone with glowing screen
And with my mind all darkened just in case,
I cannot write a single thing I mean,
And nothing's come to take my muse's place.
But even when I'm feeling uninspired,
I'll write my lines and let my worries go
Sometimes beginning's all that is required
From simple starts the greatest things can grow.
So here are words from my dark mind unseen,
That sit for your eyes now upon this screen.

422 (22.08.2015)

Believing, sincerely, my thoughts create,
I step apart from all mankind and in
To a world through a tiny secret gate
Full knowing that I cannot fail to win.
And with the understanding that it's true,
That nothing here was never not a thought,
And if I nail my thoughts and see them through,
The things that I desire they will be brought.
So I reside beyond the hands of man,
Inside another world of perfect grace,
Knowing that, If I know I will, I can.
And everything will fall in perfect place.
So I will make my own reality,
And all the universe will bow to me

421 (21.08.2015)

So what do you think's the most likely then?
An accident upon some quiet road?
Or maybe they'll try suicide again,
Say that "...he couldn't bear his heavy load."
So many ruffled feathers will not stand,
They will not let us take all that they've got
Although he wants the best for our great land
It's more than likely that they'll have him shot...
Or maybe they'll just get him in his sleep,
And blame it on a killer from the east,
And all the media they'll pretend to weep,
Though while alive they stoned him like a beast.
An accident, a suicide or gun?
Dear Corbyn please be careful when you've won.

420 (20.08.2015)

The world is run on slowly turning wheels,
All lives revolve round circles small and tight,
And as a man grows time rounds what he feels
And our sharpness is sanded out of sight.
I used to be so sensitive and keen,
I used to have a temper like a crime,
But all that's been eroded and I've seen
My funny little quirks dissolved in time.
The things I used to be have all been changed
Though voluntarily I am polite,
Some little parts of me still seem deranged,
And bits of me still wonder in the night.
I am more smooth and rounded than before,
But hope not to become what I abhor.

419 (19.08.2015)

We all play games to pass the time away,
We sat inside the car and ate some chips,
The rain has brought a sudden end to day
I like to lick the salt from off my lips.
I tell a story about losing keys,
The children ask me if it's really true,
"It is," I say, (I always aim to please.)
"It happened once when I was twenty-two."
They cannot tell, and I love them for that,
They think I dived six hours for a key,
And then the key got swallowed by a cat,
Who ran away to Southern Italy.
I look at them and in their heads it's real,
And I remember how that used to feel.

418 (18.08.2015)

What was the last thing that you wished to do?
And did you do it, or just let it go?
So little time to make your dreams come true,
What are the debts that to yourself you owe?
Is it not these that we should pay back first,
This little body's tired of hanging round,
The soul inside is trapped and feeling cursed,
And longs to play on unfamiliar ground.
What is it that you'll wish you had achieved,
When all at once you draw your final breath?
What can you do so you don't feel aggrieved,
But ready when at last it's time for death.
Think carefully for thinking minutes run,
And speed towards the ending one by one.

417 (17.08.2015)

As slow as slow can be the winter comes
September's waiting just a while ahead
And any fool can sit and do the sums,
The height of summer's long since been and dead.
Yet still the days are perfect like today,
We swam the beach and laid inside the sea
And for a moment I thought it was May,
With all the summer stretched in front of me.
Yet evening comes a little sooner now,
And morning brings a slightly different chill,
Not cold, just yet, but there is change somehow,
Although it's August and it's summer still.
I see the subtle seasons slowly spin,
And hardly notice winter creeping in.

416 (16.08.2015)

Cruel anger leave my soul for good be gone,
Take all your incandescence from my face
And everything you've ever looked upon
Let that rage now be filled with love and grace.
I see your devastation all around,
See loved ones burdened down with mirrored hate,
The deepest wound that ever can be found,
I've placed inside those souls. Is it too late?
If love can conquer all then let's begin,
From this day forth I vow to take control,
I will no longer bow to anger's sin,
From this day forth sweet calm will be my goal.
Dear God I make this promise unto thee,
And write it here for all the world to see.

415 (15.08.2015)

There is a force that just cannot be stopped
That pushes past the sea and into trees
Something that cannot possibly be topped
And reaches us in varying degrees.
There is something that joins us all as one,
That stops the scientist dumb in his tracks
That shows that all our journeys have begun
And gives the understanding that he lacks.
There is a way for all the world to be,
A place where every part of us survives,
And where we have the patience just to see
That it's the lover who most often thrives.
But it is hard to recognise the way,
Or understand the value of a day.

414 (14.08.2015)

My head is filled with tiredness today,
It's almost time for me to go to bed,
Yet still I have these fourteen lines to say,
Which I'll deliver from my sleepy head.
I'll close my eyes as soon as this is done,
And when I've posted on the book of face,
For this time I know tiredness has won,
And each line's like a tiny little race.
Just six to go and then I can lie down
And let my dreamy head through sleepers gate
I'll rest beneath that soft and gentle gown
Beyond the reaches of my past and fate.
I'm feeling tired, grumpy low and mean,
But now I've finished sonnet four-fourteen.

413 (13.08.2015)

She is the star of every show she's played
Her voice is matched by nothing but her style,
She speaks so proudly of the songs she's made
Then condescends to give us all a smile.
Her microphone is very, very good,
She's got a fold back monitor as well,
Her boyfriend packs them up like Robin Hood
Before they leave and drive off back to hell...
In perdition and heaven there are spoons
Whose handles are so very, very long
That greed and lack of sharing create wounds
Yet those who give create where they belong.
Compassion and a willingness to care,
They make a heaven which we all can share.

412 (12.08.2015)

In squalor children run through filthy streets,
The open cesspools of their tiny lives,
Still laughing though and smiling at the treats
That friendship has where will and love survives.
Between the running gutters of the road
Past houses filled with misery and gloom
The tourist with his face a squirming toad
Points cameras at the mothers in a room.
He smiles at them and they sometimes smile back,
He'll show these pictures to his arty friends,
Or those of children sleeping in a sack,
That look so cool through his expensive lens.
At nighttime from the clean of his hotel,
He phones his wife to check that all is well.

411 (11.08.2015)

There's time to go and time to come again
If we are searching for some peace of mind
Perhaps we should lay heavy on the pen,
And let it show us what it wants to find.
They spoke of things in very different ways,
There were no deep connections between things
They still believed that life was just a maze,
And that all things on earth were merely rings.
There are no signs, there is no certainty,
The world is run on random wheels of lust,
Man's struggle for some peace is vanity,
And nothing here is worthy of his trust.
But that's not how the world is made for me,
Where everything's connected if you see.

410 (10.08.2015)

We sat discussing what it's like to try
To build something when pieces are amiss,
And all the normal rules they can't apply
'Cause someone doesn't want it done like this.
We had this idea that the world could be
A little piece of heaven here on earth
If all of us were just allowed to see,
The human race for what it's really worth
A sense of ideology and trust,
A sense of empathy for fellow man
A sense of the proximity of dust,
A sense of how the universe began.
We sat discussing till the morning light,
Then wandered home and slept until the night.

409 (09.08.2015)

I pray that all your restlessness will cease
I hope that you will come to understand
The thing you want and then you'll be at peace
And see that each step was long ago planned.
If only it were easy to relax,
If it were simple to just simply be,
If only there were never any cracks
Between our lives and really feeling free.
Don't strain, don't doubt, don't think too much my love
Don't let your quandaries drag those humours down
Just look at all the stars up high above,
We're far too small to worry, fret and frown.
Sometimes the only thing we need to know,
Is how to change our lives by letting go.

408 (08.08.2015)

She stands outside of Waitrose with her mags
Saying: "Big Issue?" to those passing by
Who walk past with their heavy laden bags
As if her meek existence was a lie.
Sometimes some friendly faces stop and chat,
And pass her a quick fiver as they go.
An old man says something they both smile at
He makes her laugh and her face seems to glow.
Yet most people ignore her as they pass,
But still they stare at her poor withered arm,
They walk by like their hearts are made of glass,
Though hidden 'neath their eyes there's guilt and harm.
I hope that for the next half of my life,
I'll pay more heed to other people's strife.

407 (07.08.2015)

So now the first forty-nine years are gone,
And my fiftieth year stretches off ahead
And I have calm and time to think upon
The life to come and the life that I've led.
Of course there have been ups and downs so far,
And I guess there'll be more of those to come,
Yet no matter how bad things sometimes are
I've always found that as a rule of thumb:
When friends are near the clouds are not so grey,
When family's close then storms pass quickly by.
So at the start and ending of each day
I send a little prayer into the sky
That all my friends and family's lives will be,
As blest as their life's blessing blesses me.

406 (06.08.2015)

The problem is when some are rich and known
That they forget what hunger was once like.
And gradually their hearts turn into stone
And they become as vicious as a pike.
So when you get too close to them they bite
Or every word is padded out with bile
And either they'll ignore you or they'll fight
Though if there's cameras then they'll force a smile.
It must be something deep inside the brain
That triggers lack of manners and abuse
And though you try to be polite and plain
They just can't help themselves it's still no use.
For some the only way is being rude 
Oh Mr Mr what a lovely dude.

405 (05.08.2015)

A lovely summer's evening has been spent
Just standing by a castle near a moat
We watched the runners as they came and went
And walked around the folly while I wrote
About the things that I had in my head,
The words that I remembered from before
Which now I sit and write out while in bed
As though it were a part of nature's law.
The evening sun lit up the glowing leaves
And sent its shadows dancing on the land
It's beautiful for honest men and thieves
And anyone who has the time at hand
To sit a moment and be still and see,
That all around us nature's heavenly.

404 (04.08.2015)

There is a street in London called Stanhope
Through which I wandered yesterday alone
It ripped me up and hung me from a rope
Some people live and die with hearts of stone.
At times it seems the world's only despair
But maybe that's just me losing control
To feel a single thing you have to care
And be allowed to have some heart and soul.
I guess I'm glad that I could stand and feel
Some empathy for all my fellow man
We all have different lives and that's the deal
We enter into when we join the plan.
But now I'm back in my garden again
Just writing words with my electric pen.

403 (03.08.2015)

The stars came down and chased the blues away,
I catch myself just as I start to smile,
I realise that yet another day
Has slipped into the Never Again pile.
But I don't care I've had a funny time,
I cleaned the house and swam and played with kids
I did the things that I think help me climb
And what I think imagination bids.
It's been a sunny day and nice and warm
The summer's been so good so far this year
This afternoon there was a tiny storm
But it was nice to see the rain appear.
Another day for humans just like me,
I hope yours too was fun and you felt free.

402 (02.08.2015)

Sweet music makes me feel at home and found
And I no longer need to be alone
It places my feet firmly on the ground
And melts my heart when it feels like a stone.
Without you in my life my dearest friend
I'm not saying I'd wither up and die
But there are places I could not ascend
Unless you're there to give me wings and fly.
I understand we all have different taste
There's music for each of us here on the earth
And none of it can ever go to waste
When we can understand how much it's worth.
So when you're feeling sad and feeling down
Come let me weave you a musical crown.

401 (01.08.2015)

Come fill my ears and make me feel alright
Let me respond to silence with a song
Let me push back the curtains of delight
And let the sun shine on me all night long.
I wake up with the birds who sing to me
I sleep well when the sea is gentle waves
I rest when wind is twitching in the tree
The sound of nature in my ear behaves.
I long for nothing with my favourite tunes
I'm never lonely, never far from peace
I hear the sound of lazy afternoons
May all of music's blessings never cease.
I wish to say I'm grateful for all sound,
Sweet music makes me feel at home and found.