366 (30.06.2015)

Look at this beautiful, beautiful day
The brilliant sun stretched out against the sky
The busy world so joyfully at play
Birds singing songs together as they fly.
The sun's about to burst above the trees,
The sky is brighter than the brightest blue,
The leaves are emeralds sparkling in the breeze
The world it looks to me like it's brand new.
I woke up early and I went outside
I sat down with my little book and wrote,
As nature laid its nastiness aside
Letting me see the wonders of its coat.
And for once I was lucky and I saw,
The world that's always just outside my door.

365 (29.06.2015)

With one whole month to spare it has arrived,
This sonnet should be last for this first year,
And yet it seems in discipline I've thrived,
And number three-six-five's already here.
So that means I am thirty-two ahead,
I must have had some troubles on the way,
It's often when I'm troubled that I've said
The things that I think best will fight decay.
Obviously it's numbers nothing more,
This whole thing's changed from when I started out
For now it's like an ever open door,
That I can look back through and clear my doubt,
And sonnets have become a part of life,
As much so as my house, my kids and wife.

364 (28.06.2015)

Today the news is terrible and slow,
In Greece they're trying to empty out the banks,
Tunisia was once quite safe to go
But now survivors kneel and give their thanks.
At home the news was slightly less surreal,
I wrote a song and had a busy day
My poor wife was in bed and didn't feel
Too well and so the hours slipped away.
I walked down to the play park with the kids
We had an ice cream on our journey home
And now they're all in bed with joined eyelids
And I at last allow my thoughts to roam.
I like the song that came today it's good,
I wrote it as the voices said I should.

363 (27.06.2015)

They cry out for attention all day long
As if they know time is slipping away
And that the world will gradually go wrong
If some attention to them I don't pay.
And when eventually I do sit down
I feel a wave of peace sweep over me
As if I'm more than just a speeding clown
And I'll be worth redemption finally.
So I sit down and play a game with them
Or I run out and chase them through the woods
And then I find the place where pleasures stem
And something worth more than all worldly goods.
So once again I thank my children now,
For ir'ning out the furrows in my brow.

362 (27.06.2015)

From out of there, there once came little me,
Near your sore leg as you flinch when you move
That lady on the sofa with her tea
Undeniable as our cheekbones prove.
That hand that held me withered now and veined
Those eyes withdrawn and sunk and shrunk somehow
The genes in us together always chained
You say: "I wonder why I'm here right now..."
You're doing cross words, reading heavy books,
And watching every tennis game there is,
Not given up on your brain, just your looks,
Sad lips that wed each husband with a kiss.
I humbly suggest ways that you could give,
And that perhaps it's through giving we live.

361 (26.06.2015)

Here is change when it is thrust upon you
And you stand helpless wond'ring what's begun
And you stand on the brink of something new
That you had no idea that you had won.
And everything just swirls around your life
And you know not where your next foot will fall
As you hold hands and float off with your wife
Into something that you can't see at all.
So speak a little while with me and watch
The steps we take that cannot be retrieved
As we move on and carve another notch
Above the place where once we were deceived.
Do not resist, there's nothing left to say
A tidal wave is heading right your way.

360 (25.06.2015)

So, happy birthday to you dear Cherie
Another year rolled by and still we're here,
There's nothing like the strength of family
To keep us warm as winters gather near.
I know there's been some heavy ups and downs
And sometimes it's been hard to see the light
At times it seems that we are fortune's clowns
But still, you know, things often turn out right.
The problem is, maybe, that when we're in
The middle of the struggles in our lives
It's hard to see that we are bound to win
And even in the dark the light survives.
Remember where you go off in your dreams?
The night is often brighter than it seems.

359 (25.06.2015)

I wonder if leaving's always so strange
It's like I'm here but like I'm not here though
Now all is twist and jump and rearrange
Yet I have nought to give, and nought to show.
So I step back and take my final bow
And all the words of leaping faith come true
For I know it will be OK somehow
Though I have no idea what I will do.
And gradually these pressures dissipate
As slowly I begin to do what's meant,
And, not a second early or too late,
I give back the accoutrements I've lent.
While everybody busy plans next year,
I'm simply left alone just standing here.

358 (24.06.2015)

I've spoken to you twice about this now,
There's no use wasting time on feeling glum
Just pull yourself back up to you somehow
And don't let your life leave you feeling numb.
There's no excuse for walking round like that
I know it's hard but if you do your best,
Then even if you're feeling low and flat,
You'll see that you can't always be depressed.
Some come on now, you're better than you think,
There's no reason why you should not achieve
D'you understand in all life there's link
Between the things we doubt and we believe.
We all feel down and gloomy now and then,
But still we must get up and start again.

357 (23.06.2015)

I want to get onto a lorry here,
'Cause England's just the safest place to be,
I've come so far and now the goal is near.
In Engerland they pay you to be free.
I'm gonna to get a house and get a job
I'll maybe meet a woman, have some kids
I will no longer have to steal and rob
Or do the other things the law forbids.
We run out to the lorries in the dark,
There's twelve of us the drivers have no chance,
We know exactly where they have to park
I'm sure one day we'll all get out of France.
I find the place I know and then I hide.
And keep on praying as I start the ride.

356 (22.06.2015)

There are already so many that I
Don't really know what I should do with them
They're piling up and even though I try
It's hard to think of each one as a gem.
Perhaps if I had only written one
Then maybe I would care a little more
Or if perhaps my writing now were done
And I had no more words to set ashore.
I can't even remember them right now
I don't recall a single thing I've done,
My memory has faded and somehow,
This sonnet here will be the only one.
And all the words that spilled out of my head,
Are worthless as balloons made out of lead.

355 (22.06.2015)

When we abandon hope and we are lost
When every dream we've had falls to the ground
When all the summer's day seems filled with frost
We must remember light can still be found.
Although the world seems dark beyond reprieve,
As though we have been stranded without guide,
We cannot lose our faith but must believe
For still the light of love glows deep inside.
We cannot feel it always but it's there
A little loving thing for us to hold
Invisible, but so easy to share,
A priceless glowing ember in the cold.
When I wake up and all the world is black,
I smile at mirrored me and he smiles back.

354 (21.06.2015)

The summer solstice fell on Father's day
The longest day, the longest time awake
Like everything I've ever wished to say
And every risk I've ever wished to take.
Oh fathers round the world come join me now
If you can see your children you are blest
Appreciate your treasures yet somehow
Please have a moment's thought for all the rest.
For fathers who have lost a little child,
For fathers who've had kids taken away
Who only can remember how they smiled
And what once it was like to watch them play.
My heart it bleeds for that sorrow tonight,
I wish that I could wish and make things right.

353 (20.06.2015)

So while I'm waiting for the bath to run,
I'll sit outside with my laptop and write
Just typing out my little words for fun
To see if any of my thoughts take flight.
It happens often, once a day in fact,
Or sometimes more when the weekend is here,
Or if I feel my soul's under attack
Or when my heart is filled with doubt and fear.
So sonnet three-five-three will be like this,
I'm going to be month ahead aren't I?
It's like each one's been lost in the abyss
I wonder if I'll keep on till I die?
It seems so easy that at times I laugh,
Though now I'd rather be sat in the bath.

352 (19.06.2015)

What made me young is now becoming old
What used to make me sprightly does decay
And bits of me do not do as they're told
And parts of me no longer wish to play.
What made me youthful, well, and nonchalant
What gave me strength in all I did pursue,
What imbued me with all the skill I'd want
Has now become a feature I once knew.
And everything about me slowly changed
As years rolled steady by without reprieve
And slowly all my cells they rearranged
Themselves into strange shapes I can't believe.
So time upon my body takes its toll
As everything I've done invades my soul.

351 (18.06.2015)

There are bits of me that are closed right now,
I'd like to open them but it's too hard
If only there were ways to find out how
To let myself give in and drop my guard.
But still I keep so much hidden away
That maybe those things are forever lost
And though I might keep searching day by day
The effort would negate the final cost.
So some things they are tied inside for good
And though I try to unravel them I'll not
Be able to undo them as I could
If this problem were just a Gordian knot.
So I let be the things that I've outgrown
And sit and cry a little on my own.


350 (17.06.2015)

She looks at children like they're aliens
Like something strange she's never seen before,
As foreign as native Australians.
She squints and says hello like it's a chore.
And then the children run away and play
And I'm transported to another place
Another time a long, long way away,
When I walked by the lake and saw your face.
And you smiled at the other little ones
And I could see you longed to be a part
Of everything that I had in my life
And I could see that in your deepest heart
You dreamed, one day, that you would be my wife.
Sometimes relationships the world transcend,
And sometimes they just fall apart and end.

349 (16.06.2015)

The gossip's tongue has loosened once again
And sent half rumor out into the world
With no concern for other people's pain
But only for the story she's unfurled.
In such a world where honesty is truth
And our communication heaven sent
Then is it not perhaps a tad uncouth
Her using language to spread malcontent?
Perhaps it's some deep insecurities,
Perhaps it's some attention that she seeks,
Perhaps it's just a burning urge to please
Perhaps it's 'cause she's lonely that she squeaks.
Still...cut that tongue from out its sacred place,
Or lock a scold's bridle upon that face.

348 (15.06.2015)

Some things you cannot stop they're meant to be
Some things they cannot be they are not meant,
The problem is it's difficult to see
Exactly which is worth the time we've spent.
And so we plod in blindfolds trying to feel
Our way around the world like it's a maze
Attempting to discern the fake from real
And which hopes to suppress and which to raise.
Well sometimes, naturally, we get it wrong
And sometimes things go how we'd hoped they would
The skill is understanding all along
That often what seems bad is really good.
And so we must keep trying everyday,
Although our efforts do not always pay.

347 (14.06.2014)

Here is a sonnet that's got fourteen lines
And lots of little rhyming things as well
So much so that quite often it confines
The writer tighter than a little shell.
It's not that there is something wrong with form
Now and again it's nice to show control
Good discipline can often keep us warm
So that we concentrate more on our goal.
It doesn't really seem that hard to do,
So many have made sonnets in the past
However in a world where nothing's new
Old forms have somehow shown that they can last
May all these tiny little words today,
Engage your mind and light your lonely way.

346 (14.06.2015)

I'm trundling on, there's one month to a year.
I let it go, it's not that hard for me.
I have this vast foundation and no fear,
That everything is just as it should be.
It's been a welcome change to write a song,
Though I can feel it pulling at my throat,
I think perhaps it's been a bit too long
But still I long to sing what I just wrote.
So goodbye little semitones and cuffs,
And goodbye to the alcoholic miss
We put up with your teasing and your bluffs
And now I have no memory but this:
A sofa sitting spinster in a cage,
A rich girl spewing gossip like a sage.

345 (13.06.2015)

Should happiness be our reason to be?
I'm sorry but that seems a little dull,
There's nothing worse than smiling constantly
Or only having pleasure in your skull.
For what's the point of living if that's it?
And isn't half the fun the ups and downs?
I'm not just being a facetious git,
I think normality was made for clowns.
So I would like to strip myself of worth
And delve into the darkness that I know
Ever since the moment of my birth
I've waited for a chance to let it show.
So come now friends and watch me feeling sad,
And then tomorrow watch me feeling glad.

344 (13.06.2015)

The teacher leaves the room in disarray,
She's guarded well and kept herself in tact
And made it clear that she just cannot stay
For Karma is a very simple fact.
And that's alright, God bless the universe,
It's been a pleasure learning something new
There's nothing in the world that could be worse
Than drowning in normality with you.
I bless the seconds and the minutes shared
There's nothing like the hint of subtle hope,
You're not the only one who can be scared
By what might happen if we cannot cope.
You say you're happy. Do you live in fear?
That possibilities might disappear.

343 (13.06.2015)

I'll check my phone and then I must go home,
There's someone there I think you'd like to meet
I sort of love him though I feel alone
I know he's got some problems but he's sweet.
So I will leave this situation now
It's putting me a little bit on edge
I don't want to be like a teasing cow
Or move you ever closer to the ledge.
It's been good fun but now I've got to fly,
You've been an inspiration to us all
I realise that perhaps by and by
I might come back or give you both a call.
You haven't disappointed, it's alright,
Safe journey home, God bless you both, good night.

342 (13.06.2015)

My little friend the mouse is watching me,
He comes to speak a bit while I'm at work
And every night it's always good to see
Him scamper round here with his little smirk.
I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm really dim
Since I believe my efforts somehow count
But he knows I should just listen to him
As he recites the Sermon on the Mount,
And hurries round and cleans our grotty floor
And worries not where he'll next eat or when
Then quickly disappears beneath a door
I guess tomorrow he'll be back again.
The little mouse is slowly teaching me,
To be a little more relaxed and free.

341 (12.06.2015)

Somehow I've slipped into that space again,
Where everything is out of my control
Although I know exactly where and when
This burning started deep inside my soul.
I want attention but I'm scared to ask
I want my fears and worries to dissolve
And yet I long to be able to bask
In possibilities that may evolve.
So I am filled with fire and filled with flame
And every thought I have involves you two
I'm burning up but ice cold all the same
And all my thoughts are melting 'cause of you.
Have mercy on me, smile, let it be known,
That though I'm filled with angst I'm not alone.

340 (11.06.2015)

I have nothing to say, nothing to do
For words have lost their meaning in my brain,
They've been replaced by pictures of you two,
And all else in that space is now inane.
Insanity and angst, my good old friends,
Have come back for a little while to gloat,
As everything inside me now depends
On women who control my heart and throat.
So will they let me breathe? Or suffocate?
Will my desires and wanting be fulfilled?
Or will they laugh and keep locked heaven's gate,
And smile as they see all my passions killed?
So I sit patient, doing as I'm told,
And waiting for the future to unfold.

339 (10.06.2015)

Come laziness and wash all over me
Adorn my eyes and push me out of time
Let me embrace the serendipity
That shapes all men and teaches us to climb.
I'll rest here now and I won't move again
I'll snuggle up inside my bed and sleep
And drift off like all other sleeping men
Into my mind eternal, dark and deep.
And when I wake I hope that things will be
A little brighter than they were today,
The wind pushes the clouds towards the sea,
Like dreams they jostle for a place to play.
I close my eyes and rest as best I can,
And when I'm gone I'm just a sleeping man.

338 (09.06.2015)

Majestic we will be when finally
We've come to rest and do not wish to roam
Clad light and bright, most magnificently
All radiant, floating, in the place called Home.
And far from all the darkness of the night
And blessed upon a shining, silver star
Alive and glowing, balanced in the light
That shows the world exactly who we are.
And far beyond the reach of mortal men
We'll shine before the planets and the earth,
Beyond the realms of time and back again,
Reflecting all that great mankind is worth.
And bless├Ęd, sacred, holy we shall be
When finally the light has set us free.

337 (08.06.2015)

We send out things into that cyberspace
And never know where possibly they land,
And then we hope that we do not lose face
Or fall for someone else's slight of hand.
I speak to you in tongues and never know
The secrets that will be revealed to me
All of sweet summer's flowers beneath snow
Just waiting for the sun to set them free.
Yet now a word we send out on the web
Might only last while there's electric light
Unlike the tides that constant flow and ebb
Even when all the world is lost in night.
Inky pages past for poet heroes,
Swapped for temporary ones and zeros.

336 (07.06.2015)

The birds make different sounds throughout the day,
When I wake up the whole world is awash
With the cacophony of chords they play
They wake me up as subtly as a cosh.
Between me and a plane a bird it flies
And I am grounded here upon the earth
With nothing in my head but dreams and lies
And wondering if anything's of worth.
A dove is cooing in a distant tree
It's gently purring to its lover there
And stirring up a distant memory
Of whispering that you and I did share.
The birds are singing, telling tales of love,
Then flying off into the skies above.

335 (06.06.2015)

If I do something risky and I laugh
If I don't buckle now beneath the strain
Why should I not be free to take the path
That leads me to a palace of most pain?
I throw my eyes away because of you,
I train myself to keep looking ahead
And anything I see that isn't new
I think is something that ought to be dead.
It's never been an easy test to take
It's never been an easy thing to prove
But sometimes all that stops us being fake
Is having nowhere else that we can move.
So each day all our problems gather dust
And end up being memories of lust.

334 (05.06.2015)

Oh future student pay but little heed
To what your teacher says about this verse
The only thing that matters is we bleed
And that we shit and piss and fuck and curse.
Ten syllables in each line, but so what?
And fourteen lines? Who really gives a shit?
I could have written quatrains for the lot
Or tried my hand at rapping like a tit.
The words and structure they don't really count
It's what's between the words I want to say,
Although my petty thoughts will never mount
To anything that changes night and day.
And so no sacred muse I'd like to thank,
I wrote this in the bath, then had a wank.

333 (04.06.2015)

When this bright morning sun shines on your face
All else in our world seems to disappear
And even that bright sun reveres the place
Around which he now circles in his sphere.
The humbled  planets stand in line and bow
The moon and stars compete to see you shine
Or am I just deceived perhaps somehow,
And does this only change these eyes of mine?
For surely such a bright and shining light
Would stop all creatures and force them to stare
Yet somehow all the birds maintain their flight
And humans walk by seeming not to care.
So could it be that I love all alone,
Or are all other creatures made of stone?

332 (03.06.2015)

Now Morrison's they really piss me off
There's all that money, yet we have to queue.
The managers are slower than a sloth,
And everyone is bored of waiting too.
Yet every time the registers they beep
We know they're making profits by the tonne,
I wonder how the shareholders can sleep
They've got us at the wrong end of a gun.
'Cos where else is there that the poor can shop,
Who can't afford a car or taxi home?
So even if they want to they can't stop.
It's like we're all just plebs in ancient Rome,
Since we're all trapped and here and staying poor,
And Morrison's is earning more and more.

331 (02.06.2015)

Perhaps to give is why we're here on earth
Or maybe we're here just to take and take?
I quite like both those things, for what it's worth
But understand we lie in beds we make.
And what we give is always what we get,
And that we're gonna reap just what we sow
And when the wheel is spun we've placed our bet,
And no one knows which way the pill will go.
So I would like to give and give some more
And want to make the world a better place.
I'd like to teach all humans to ignore
The few things that disturb our state of grace.
If there's perhaps a reason that we live,
Could it be that we're here to learn to give?

330 (01.06.2015)

I'm rounded now and not sharp as before
Time's gentled out the edges that I had
Where once my mind was like an open door
My thought's becoming narrower and bad.
I took for granted bits of this old frame,
My knees, my teeth, my eyes and sense of smell,
And one by one they've given up the game,
Abandoning the temple where I dwell.
I function though and I can run and walk
I smile at life and laughter's still my friend
When I'm not feeling thoughtful, then I talk
And I'll keep going till the bitter end.
I'm rounded now it's true but I'm OK,
And far more grateful for each passing day.