A Stranger's Eyes

I look at China through a stranger's eyes
The train flies by as though all things were new
At random in the fields a grave it lies 
Where bright red flowers stretch to skies of blue.
In San Li Tun we found Mojito Man
For 15RMB thought's drained away
And we sit watching and we understand
That we know nothing but we still obey.
In Qufu women dry their grain on roads
And we eat fish and rice off metal trays
Watch people with their bikes and heavy loads
And sonder floods us in our seperate ways.
And now I read these fragile words and yearn
With all my heart that soon I will return.


To see if it can still be done at all
Or if those years of practice are all done
To see if words will still appear and fall
Into their places gently one by one.
I haven't written these things for so long
I haven't had the time or felt the urge
But now there's something calling and I long
To sit back down and see what will emerge.
I love the form, it's simple three and end
That structure that's so fun to work around
So stiff and yet so good to ply and bend
To work with and to see what can be found.
So all the sonnets written in the past
Are joined by yet another here at last.