31 (31.08.2014)

I stepped out onto London streets from home,
The borrowed home we had last night from friend,
I had a coffee specially brewed in Rome
And watched the passing cars that never end.
The friend and I we went to the same school
And Albert, Nick and Josh were also there
I think that without caring we were cool
But now we're all just old and losing hair.
Ralph's flat it takes me deep into the past,
Past school and to my wealthy father's place
But wealth and money too can never last
No one grows old without a wrinkled face
In life d'we cling to that which keeps us sane?
A month of sonnets cease, then start again.

30 (30.08.2014)

I love the way that you stay really calm
When I go mad and flip my tempered lid
Somehow it's like a gentle soothing balm
That stops and slows me when I'm right in mid-
sentence. I wish I could be calm like you
But something in me fills with burning rage
I wish that I was soft and gentle too
Perhaps, one day, that gift will come with age.
You balance me when I'm about to fall
You take my hand and guide me on my way
Your magnitude and grace make me feel small
You bring me back when I have gone astray.
But how to pay you back for all I owe
When words are all I have and all I know?

29 (29.08.2014)

I sank my teeth into a sonnet's flesh
I took a bite of all that I have known
I weaved a skin of dark and pregnant mesh
I threw my friends away and was alone
The buttons in my head they all implode
I guide my hand like shadows in the breeze
I wait and hope that my mind will explode
I fall down on my crying shattered knees
As if a line could last the length of time
As if the world was never really there
As if a word was only meant for rhyme
As if another single human'd care
And so today the words came out like this
Some lines of sweet uncaring sacred bliss

28 (28.08.2014)

How strange to sit and eat while this is here
The faces staring at you from the milk
D'you feel the world conspiring with your fear?
They're tying up your heart with threads of silk.
They're tiny threads like tiny bits of news,
They tangle round your sweet celestial wings
They slip around the bottom of your shoes
And stop you trying new and different things.
Don't move, don't go, don't fly away from me,
Don't let somebody take you in the night
Don't trust your neighbour, though he friendly be
Don't ever let your children out of sight.
The family round the breakfast table stare,
At nightmares conjured from the heavenly air.

27 (27.08.2014)

Let's sit in silence for a while and write
A sonnet for the woman that I love
Whose sparkling eyes shine clear and are so bright
They put to shame the pallid stars above.
So let me sit and fumble with this verse
Attempting what's so difficult to say
Emotions, love and feelings all coerce
With stumbling blocks that I find in my way.
But simple words will help me sing her praise
My sweet companion through this twisting life
The guiding light that leads me through the maze
My one and only lovely, loving wife.
So perfect does my life with her now seem,
I know not whether I'm awake or dream.

26 (26.08.2014)

I sit inside and look out at the rain
Its placid hum is singing through the leaves
It's trying to find a voice and to explain
What heart can know but mind still disbelieves.
There's something in the singing of the birds
That shatters whether skies are grey or blue
So many things that can't be put to words
I feel inside and want to give to you.
My daughter sits beneath the parasol
A little brick wall's turned into a seat,
The rain has drenched a dropped forgotten doll
And ripples round her tiny staring feet.
I want to hold her hand and let her know
That after rain the sun will always show.

25 (25.08.2014)

Much have I travelled in realms of the heart
And my heart has always rested the same
Fake and faithless and foolish; a tart
Falling in love at the drop of a name.
The beating of blood by muscles within
The turn of an eye that turns the whole world
Scent of emotion, impossible sin
Sparks of arousal where darkness is curled.
I wish that my heart were free as a bird
But sometimes that thought it fills me with fear
Heart won't you lead me astray without word
Fill up this space so I just disappear
Forgive me my weakness, lead me from rest,
Heart keep on beating, most certain and best.

24 (24.08.2014)

The dolls house rests in silence just for now
The rabbits have stopped eating at the walls
The ladies of the house must take a bow
Inside the silent mind no purpose calls.
But little dolls house where is all the fun?
Your doors are shut and none can come inside,
Your back is turned to blue skies and to sun
What is it that your darkened windows hide?
The joys and laughter that you rested on
Have been replaced by silence and a weight,
The children that have played with you are gone
They left your happy walls to follow fate.
So should we break you up and watch you burn,
Or wait in hope that children's kids return?

23 (23.08.2014)

All things are better with sunglasses on,
These many pounds that perch upon my nose,
Because my real world has something that's wrong,
And there are bits of life I wish to close.
I walk along the street, the world is fair,
I've placed a filter between me and you,
So nothing that's inside I have to share
And I walk 'neath a sky that's brighter blue.
I really think I love these glasses now,
I'd even wear them on a cloudy day
I love the solitude that they allow
They hide the eyes that give so much away.
So when the time has come to say goodbye,
At least you'll never know I start to cry.

22 (22.08.2014)

Today a gentle rain has hit the world.
Bright brilliant lines of grey strike at the sky.
Around the misty sun clear clouds are curled,
The watery sea is burning in my eye.
I've stole away some moments from my life
And wheeled my way out of the multitude,
A moments peace from treasured kids and wife
A chance to bathe in gentle solitude.
Now give me strength my hand upon the page,
Build word on word from each word gone before
With furrowed brow and all enroaching age
And fourteen lines of thought here to explore.
Blest not be be alone, as beggars beg,
I take the phone that's buzzing at my leg.

21 (21.08.2014)

Hastings, today I write in praise of thee:
The calls of warning seagulls greet my ear
A fishing boat sails out across the sea
The rising sun reflects upon the pier.
As crunching pebbles grind beneath my feet
The waves they lap upon the gentle shore
The sea's a calming, mirrored, glassy treat
That moves away, but then comes back for more.
I swim inside your chilly morning waves
And duck my head three times into the grey
I'm in a world where nothing misbehaves
And nature has no choice but to obey.
With all resistance finally melted down,
I wander back home through the waking town.

20 (20.08.2014)

When we woke up at home it was so strange
As though we were in someone else's place
Who were these people from before our change
Who lived in squalled clutter and disgrace?
The house is meek and small but they don't care
They seem a little crude and out of touch,
With all that they can do, they're unaware
(Don't think I even like them very much).
But even as these words come into mind
The room I'm in is changing to itself
I guess that in an hour or two I'll find
The person that I don't like is myself.
So should we settle down and not complain
Or get back in the car and drive again?

19 (19.08.2014)

On England's pleasant shores we're landed now
And far away from buzzing Paris France
We show our passports to some grumpy cow
Who acts just like a robot in a trance.
The sun is setting as we drive away
The sky is bathed in purple, orange fire
It's laced with clouds of bright pink burning grey
And balanced on a string of yellow wire.
Our home is but a little distance more
We're tired now but we are nearly there
I'll carry sleeping children through the door
And lay them in their beds with gentle care
Our travelling for this year will soon be done
I drive the car into the setting sun.

18 (18.08.2014)

I love you much because we are a team
We work together well through thick and thin
Times might be hard but nothing's too extreme
Your positivity guides from within.
Breakfast in a hotel with four kids is
fun. Nothing like that to help a diet.
The challenge is an unanswerable quiz
Everyday's a sort of noisy riot.
But all I need in madness is your hand
And suddenly the world is bathed in peace,
You mouth "I love you..." and I understand
That we are one, and that will never cease.
The six of us walked Paris in the night,
And gratitude made everything alright.

17 (17.08.2014)

At my side you stand and drink your coffee
Then sit upon the wall facing the view
We've heavy hearts and do not wish to flee
And days of travelling still that we must do.
Far below, beneath the bridge, the river
Flows on and on as though it doesn't care
Morning breeze it sends a tiny shiver
Of sorrow through the bowels of our hair.
Birds are sweeping down across the water
And half a moon is hanging in the sky
Moving shadows on the buildings slaughter
The dream we had of not saying goodbye.
Roquebrun, Roquebrun you will of course survive
As we will too; just close our hearts and drive.

16 (16.08.2014)

When I see my children play before me,
The gentle ipad glowing in their eyes,
I understand that though they adore me,
What's more important is Kinder Surprise.
All bread and all circus wrapped up in foil
Joyful escape from the world for a while,
A moments release from boredom and toil
Plastic and chocolate that brings forth a smile.
They want a new game, I download the App
I'm well aware that this joy won't last long
But time enough I hope for a quick nap
And when I wake perhaps start a new song.
Distracted, lost and trapped, a gilded cage,
Technology for children's all the rage.

15 (15.08.2014)

Thinking of your smile it makes me smile,
But if I think too long, that smile is gone.
For nothing's here that time cannot defile,
What thing on earth will death not turn upon?
Not even solid rock can win the race
Against the wind and rain that over time,
Erode each little atom from its place
And turn it into something more sublime.
This book, these words, this pen, even the moon
The wise and foolish know they'll fade away.
But something has to leave to come back soon,
We need the night to welcome back the day.
So ice fades when it melts but this I drink,
One smile is gone but two come when I think.

14 (14.08.2014)

I want to build a cottage industry
And spread myself in words across the world,
Neither of us can sit and simply be
So let's build flags and watch as they're unfurled.
An SAS military kayak
Just what I need, float down stream in silence
All ready for the very next attack,
Music, words and love replacing violence.
Thanks once again for all these great ideas,
I don't know what I'd do without you here
Probably sink and drown in all my fears.
It's always good to know that you are near.
So let's continue with this worthwhile fun,
The first two weeks, so soon, already done.

13 (13.07.2014)

The ghost upstairs he warned me not to go
He pulled the world from focus to extreme
But still I rose and tried to stop the show
That circled round the wind inside a dream.
The bending tree, the shattered shutter door
The window crashing heard from deep within
The waving trees upon the blasted shore
The river flowing faster than a sin.
So I went then and had to pay the price
For curiosity and melted shame
And never more could listen to advice
And never more seek comfort in a name
Exposed I was and lost for all to see
Between two worlds and one reality.

12 (12.08.2014)

The morning bell rings out across the land
As clear as crystal flowing through the stream
On glowing hills the sun has stretched his hand
The sleeping river wakes up from its dream.
In bed I stumble from the hills to you
And draw my eyes upon your line-less face
Where all is known but everything is new
Where one day lines of age will take their place.
But you are young and only three today
And time is gentle when it plays with you
Each rising sun that brings a brand new day
Gives growth and love and challenges anew.
A thousand thoughts at once they all occur,
But stop the moment that you start to stir.

11 (11.08.2014)

A catholic bishop, specialising in
War machines, was sent to kill the Cathars
(They didn't know frugality was sin).
Beneath the castle, people park their cars.
De Montfort had one hundred people saved,
Gouged out eyes, cut off nose and upper lip,
Chained together they walked the hills enslaved.
I had a coffee, but forgot to tip.
Those great trebuchet brought the old walls down,
Men, women and children burnt at the stake.
The 'King of the world' calls tourists to town,
Think I'll go buy me a little keep-sake.
What do we care? What faith does it shatter?
One million dead, but what does it matter?

10 (10.08.2014)

Some people have a list of things to do
They chase their tails inside an endless race
With more and more and more things to pursue
They flit around and rush from place to place.
I used to be a person just like this
I ran around as fast as I could go
Forever worried just in case I'd miss
Something that can't be seen by someone slow.
But then I met you and to my surprise
I understood the error of my ways
When captured by the beauty of your eyes
One second seemed to last a thousand days.
Yes, people have a list of things to do
But my list simply reads: "Keep loving you."

9 (09.08.2014)

We have a little lizard in our room
He scurries up and down throughout the night
And when I try to catch him with the broom
I can't because he scampers out of sight.
He helps us in so many, many ways
He eats the flies and things while we're asleep
I hope he lives for many, many days
And never finds a cause to fret or weep.
The lizard is a funny little friend
He never talks to us but he is there
He's silent, true and loyal to the end
And doesn't ever just pretend to care.
I think such friendship's scarce in modern times,
So've captured Mr Lizard in these rhymes.

8 (08.08.2014)

Now every part of sonnet is a joke
Each word a pointless futile waste of time
Each syllable a heavy leadened yoke
Each thought a gutter filled with oozing slime.
We fish the river every rotten day
With nothing but some weeds for all our work
And stumble back on feet of stinking clay
Pointless trying, all has gone berserk.
So cry and shed a tear for all is lost
Posterity is nothing but a myth
The world is gone and we must pay the cost
With nothing but our lives to bargain with
And then you come with cheery voice and say:
"I've bought you the domain: 'Sonnet a day'."

7 (07.08.2014)

To follow that is not an easy task
I read and my eyes flood with tired tears
But modesty is not for me to ask
I open up and this thing just appears.
If it were me I would be proud as punch
And strut around as if I owned the world
But I swear upon my mother's Sunday Lunch
I have no clue from where these things unfurled.
The universe keeps ticking round and round
All nature can't be stopped in finest flow
To start the wind a word cannot be found
Nor can we give the rose command to grow.
Today I celebrate, for what it's worth,
Forty-nine years of living on this earth.

6 (06.08.2014)

This other worldly house in which we live
Gives rise to love and patience over time
Certain revenge comes when we forgive
And sometimes charity equates to crime
The first ten minutes waking is so strange
The sensual world creeps in with gentle stealth
As all that we have had falls out of range
And then the world dissolves into itself.
The village lies beneath a peaceful sun
The river draws me up from where I rest
The other world, with open eyes, is done
Returned at once to burden and to quest
I squint with rested eyes into the day
And hear the children calling me to play.

5 (05.08.2014)

Patience is a virtue. Thy will be done.
I write these words but hear life calling me.
Resting is easy 'neath a baking sun
But how will rest bring peace of mind to thee?
I'm not an easy man to please I know
My wishes flit from one place to the next
I let may passions lead me where they go
And often fail to do what one expects.
I think I have some new thoughts every day
Without a thought these thoughts seem to appear
But if I try to think them, then they stray
And no amount of thought will bring them near.
So I try not to think and meditate
And see what thoughts come floating through the gate.

4 (04.07.2014)

I trace my hand upon your back and see
Rough fingers curve upon your perfect skin
The softest soft is lying next to me
As soft as night and light as dreams within
The moon shines through the window and you glow
I hear you calling with the softest breath
Should I reach down and have a little go
And thus disturb you in your mini death?
Or is it best to let you rest in peace
So in the morning you'll be good and well?
These quandaries in my mind they never cease
I long but for the perch from which I fell.
Could patience be the key to feeling fine?
Does good greet those who quietly stand in line?

3 (03.08.2014)

Je suis arrive en France, c'est tres bien
But my French isn't all that good just yet
I'd quite like to be fluent mais, c'est rien
There's more important things I have to get
The practice of this verse just for a start
A little more stability in life
The gratitude to understand my part
The skill to whittle words just like a knife
The faith to stop just wanting more and more
To be relaxed and pleased with what I've got
To stop regarding life as just a chore
Yet understand abundance is a lot
And each will get the blessings they deserve
And wealth will come to those who nobly serve

2 (02.08.2014)

The sorrows of a child in childhood now,
To be wanting but too polite to ask,
Who cares about the poor boy anyhow,
Did he not just neglect his solemn task?
And will he not repent if in the same
Moment of truth he mumbles all too loud
About the need to find someone to blame
About the fear that threatens in a crowd?
So questions are not asked but merely known
As if by lost design or given fault
If only in the stars it could be shown
Why he had locked himself inside the vault.
But let the boy not hang because of fear
But rather hang him since he shed no tear.

1 (01.08.2014)

At first let us give thanks before we start,
Remembering things like that at times is hard
No matter how quick witted or how smart,
Yet gratitude is always the best card.
So thank you now before I start this verse
For every little thing you’ve given me
Things could, of course, have been a whole lot worse
I’m lucky to be happy, loved and free
Today’s the first, and I forgot to ask
A question at the end of my Octet,
Tradition is the ruin of a task
I’ll write one every day, d’you want a bet?
Practice makes perfect so I hear they say
Improvements will come gradually day by day.