329 (31.05.2015)

I've really enjoyed May a lot this year,
From writing revolutions on the first,
To now when at last summer's really here,
And winter's dark and gloom have been reversed.
The times of year they slip outside our grasp
And days and nights they follow in a whirl
But still some precious moments we can clasp
To store inside our memories like a pearl.
Ambitions made me busy with my rhymes,
By October they're going to have to pay
Lots of Mr Peek's Poetry Fun Times,
I'll get lined up to keep the wolves at bay.
So jumping of the gravy train's begun,
Lets hope the future pays and is more fun.

328 (30.05.2015)

It's not that I don't want to, I just can't
I couldn't face another day back there.
And if you try to force me still I shan't
I know we'll have no money, I don't care.
There's too much in this world I wish to do,
So many ideas glowing in my brain
That if I do not start on something new
I'll be a nervous wreck or go insane.
So stand beside me, hold my hand, and jump,
Since one way or another we'll survive.
We'll either fly off or land with a bump
But either way at least we'll feel alive.
So goodbye safety-gravy-train you're done,
Once more I seek a place beside the sun.

327 (29.05.2015)

If I get what I dream of and I want
Will I turn into something I despise?
From crying baby’s head wet in the font
To seconds before each man lonely dies.
If I was granted all my wishes now
Then what would be the point of pressing on?
If everything was mine today somehow
What would there be to rest my hopes upon?
For we all wander darkly through this place
And when we leave there’s none that can return
Until we hover in a state of grace
Or languish in eternal flames and burn.
So if I want for nothing in my dreams,
When I wake up will all be as it seems?

326 (28.05.2015)

I don't think there'll be revolutions here
The TV programming's a bit too good
So even when the very end is near
I'm not sure people will do what they should.
It's not that I think people just don't care
I think that they do but it's so very hard
We have so much and yet nothing to share
Our generosity by greed is marred.
So if we want the best for all mankind
And if we wish the world a better place
Might we turn off the TV and then find
The way we live right now is a disgrace?
When no-one's bored, or on starvation's brink,
To change the world is harder than you'd think.

325 (27.05.2015)

Shall I compare you to a lump of clay?
There's more similarities than you'd think.
The earth heats up upon a summer's day,
And so do you, and then you need a drink.
From clay of course we can make useful things,
There are some subtle differences I guess,
Since nothing useful from you ever springs
And everything you touch becomes a mess.
So who's to say that clay is less worthwhile
Than people here upon this tender earth
A pretty sculpture sometimes makes us smile
Yet somehow in your presence there's no mirth.
So long as you can breathe, then know and see,
That clay is far more valuable than thee.

324 (26.05.2015)

They took the piss out of Citizen Smith
Just like his dream was a pathetic joke,
And witch-hunts blacklisted actors as if
The rich were scared of what they might evoke.
Repression's waters run silent and deep,
As though there were no enemy to fight,
They go to work while we're all fast asleep
Assuring us that everything's alright.
I am so busy how can I disprove
The information that I'm filled up with?
I would not even know which way to move
To prove that all those worries are a myth.
So I keep quiet and just go along
With all the things I know are bad and wrong.

323 (25.05.2015)

If I could borrow just one thing from you
Should it be that which I know's treasured most
Or should I borrow something you've seen through
That now's as useless as a passing ghost.
If you could lend me something that I need,
If only what that was was clear to me
And what it is that will help me succeed
To become what it is I wish to be.
And I would give it back to you I swear
As soon as I had used it and was done
And then of course I know you wouldn't care
If it had faded slightly in the sun.
A borrower or lender neither know,
Just why they lend or borrow what they show.

322 (24.05.2015)

When all the days are rushing by so fast
It's nice to understand that I am here
And not let my head rush off to the past
Or what I plan to do this time next year.
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here and it is now
And now is all that there will ever be
The future and the past are dreams somehow
And now, and now, and now is all we see.
So though I wander off in time and space
And let my mind distract me from this time
I understand that there is not a place
But here and now is all that is sublime.
Of course that's only if you think it's true,
I don't believe in time and space. Do you?

321 (23.05.2015)

Are you somebody that I used to know,
Someone I met in one of my past lives?
The little signs of recognition grow.
I search inside for something that survives.
But little bits of blank are closing in,
There's pieces of my brain now out of reach,
Like someone's shoved my mem'ries in a bin
Or dipped them one by one in bowls of bleach.
And every one I meet is new each day,
And I don't know the rooms in which I wake.
As slowly, slow these pictures fade away,
And not a single one can I remake.
So did I know you in another life?
What do you mean when you say you're my wife?

320 (22.05.2015)

In Cambridge City there's a darkened street,
That's named from when mankind was still naive,
And Adam walked the garden with his Eve
And man was unaware of his defeat.
Two teenagers they fumbled in the seat
Inside a car where later they would grieve.
They loved each other like you can't believe,
But both had failed to notice in the heat,
Of passions so mysterious and sweet,
That rubber split, and so she did conceive.
And one year on the twins they bleat and bleat
Reminding us of serpent's apple treat,
Christened of course they were: Adam and Eve.

319 (21.05.2015)

Thinking of nothing, raking the garden,
Lost in a world of my own little thought.
I hear you calling... "Sorry dear, pardon?"
"What did you do with the things that we bought?"
The child's out playing football with his dad,
And never wants the game to ever end.
Do you remember childhood that you had?
Just try to think of messages we send.
The children grow a little at a time,
Developing in stages as they go.
They change from something pure and so sublime,
To something filled with worries and with woe.
I still don't know why people have to breed,
Must be some sort of deep ancestral need.

318 (21.05.2015)

Noisy life, even noisier children,
Rushing round, with rabbits lost in the hedge.
Two-year-old clings to her mother's apron,
Whining and drives us all close to the edge.
Nothing to say, no one for a reason,
Nothing but everyday noises for us,
Now we are outside, and it's that season,
Mike the deaf neighbour never makes a fuss.
I worry sometimes about the screaming
I know you can hear it for miles around
Here, to find silence you must be dreaming
There's always a noise and never just sound.
Searching for quiet, or some kind of peace,
Not till their sleeping can we find release.

317 (20.05.2015)

When I compare my eyes and close them dark
And all around me is just dark as well,
I still manage to see a little spark
That somewhere deep inside me seems to dwell.
And although it is dark inside this room
I can still see the pictures in my head
As though my memory defies the gloom
And light is where there should be dark instead.
So somewhere there is light inside my mind,
Although there are no windows as we know,
Then how is it that pictures I still find
And what is it that makes those pictures glow?
A thousand trillion pulsing synapses,
That make me think what isn't really is.

316 (19.05.2015)

They all look very clever in their suits
Those business men parading down the pub,
Making dodgy deals and in cahoots,
With all the criminals down at the club.
But actually in fact you never know,
They might be just a thick as two short planks,
Perhaps those clever trappings are for show
Not everyone is smart who works in banks.
It's not that I don't wish them all the best
We all try hard to scrape a living wage
I have nothing to say, I don't detest,
No one for trying to break out of their cage.
And actually I pity and admire
All those for whom wealth is the soul's desire.

315 (18.05.2015)

The Polar Bears they're caressing the ice
They're longing for that chilly Arctic Sea
In San Diego Zoo the weather's nice
But it's no place for Polar Bears to be.
Today though it is Snow Day at the zoo
They bought you eighteen tonnes, is that enough?
And all those donors taking photos too,
They reached into their pockets for this stuff.
And now you three are lying there on snow
In little patches in the blazing sun
Smile at the Polar Bear Cam say "Hello!"
Who cares? As long as humans have their fun.
I hope one day you all go off your heads,
And rip those jailer zoo keepers to shreds.

314 (17.05.2015)

D'you like reading upon a sunny beach?
D'you like to hear Coltrane played late at night?
D'you like striving for things just out of reach?
Then I think you and me will be alright.
D'you like to watch the sun set in the sea?
D'you like to think of poems line by line?
D'you have the faith that what will be will be?
Then I think you and me will get on fine.
When life's a bit too easy do you yearn
For obstacles to be put in your way?
When burning bridges do you fail to learn?
If so, then I think we will be Ok.
D'you bite off more than you can chew and smile?
Then call me Friend and walk with me a while.

313 (16.05.2015)

I said: "Please turn it down I need to hear,
The voices in my head so I can write."
And Lochie said: "But we hear with our ear,
What do you mean 'voices' are you alright?"
"I need to hear what I am told to say."
"But there aren't voices in our heads, you're mad."
"Of course there are, I hear them everyday."
Now Lochie looks at me a little sad,
He thinks his dad's gone finally round the bend.
"I'm fine Lochie, don't worry I'll show you."
He looks at me like it's the bitter end.
"Don't speak, or make a sound,  I'll prove it's true...
When I am tired I lie in my bed,
And watch the dreams that float inside my..."

312 (15.05.2015)

Upon a day with such a date as this,
I'd like to write a sonnet that's worthwhile,
I'd like to make my verse feel like a kiss
That reaches out and gives the world a smile.
The fifteenth of the fifth, twenty-fifteen,
D'you feel the way those words roll off your tongue?
At times I find the sound of things obscene,
We think our thoughts and then as words they're flung
From inside us and out into the world.
Our throats are like the barrel of a gun
From which the bullets of a thought are hurled
Then flying words hit targets one by one.
Fifteen, O five, fifteen it is today,
And these are the few words I've had to say.

311 (14.05.2015)

You know the Greeks they never went to school?
They just had tutors yet they were so great
That they all understood the Golden Rule
And knew that man is balanced by his fate.
They had three fates. Though I forget their names.
They each did something different to each man,
It's not our fault, we all play different games
And get away with what we think we can.
The poet Aristophanes he said
That:"...friends they are not dead but merely gone,
Advanced a little on the road ahead
And it's their footsteps that we travel on..."
So I follow each man ahead of me,
And walk with them into eternity.

310 (13.05.2015)

D'you know Prince Charles we went to the same school?
I saw your photos as I climbed those stairs.
When you were young and still waiting to rule
Before I had my children or my cares.
And now you're there where you've been all the time
And I am still here with my overdraft
It's funny how some memory's like a mime
I don't remember why, just that we laughed.
I used to laugh a lot when I was young
I used to laugh so much I couldn't breathe,
But now my life is like an iron lung,
And memories of laughter round me wreathe.
D'you wish Prince Charles, the world could be reversed,
And that the time we've spent be reimbursed?

309 (13.05.2015)

The planets they all tow the line somehow
They do just what they are supposed to do
And all the laws of gravity they bow
Towards the place that is reserved for you.
And in that place where only silence is
The universe revolves around a space
That is not mine or yours or theirs or his
But simply made to keep all things in place.
So all things they revolve around a time
That is not now or then or what will be
But undetected moments of a climb
That we mere mortal men can never see.
So mysteries unfold before our eyes,
That man can never witness though he tries.

308 (12.05.2015)

Shall I say we can stand back and withdraw
Or is that something that's impossible?
For nothing's ever like it was before
Unless it's floating and invisible.
So spirit dwells in us and it refrains
From showing off its happy smiling face
Unless we let our muscles and our veins
Contract around the circle of a space.
And in a circle then we show our eyes,
And they're the only things that really smile
Unless our hearts are full of hate and lies
But that deception only lasts a while.
So though we bury feelings deep inside,
The pages of our self are open wide.

307 (11.05.2015)

So now we're safe for five more years at least,
We know we won't go bankrupt while they're in
Let's celebrate and party with a feast
To help the lazy poor is worse than sin.
It's really time that things began to change
The NHS is like a parasite,
It sucks the blood from everything in range,
And all those lefties think it's theirs by right.
And all those failing schools are a disgrace,
Come OFSTED, come and shut the buggers down,
We need academies built in their place,
And also some more private school in town.
So thank God that the Lib Dems have been crushed
And angry voices on the left been hushed.

306 (11.05.2015)

Praise be to those who can be bothered to
Attempt to make the world a better place
The earth will be here after me and you
Have said goodbye and given up our space.
So they try hard and try to just improve
But sometimes there's too much that holds us back
Perhaps the best we do is to remove
Things in us that in others we attack.
So slowly, slow they try to do their best
And gradually we move into the light
A constant wave attempting to suggest
That everything will finally turn out right.
A stone they're rolling up a great big hill,
With heart and sweat and blood and strength of will.

305 (10.05.2015)

Now I cannot stand to look at people
They all seem so screwed up and out of place
Feel like shouting from the highest steeple
About my loathing for the human race.
It's waking though that makes me feel this way
I don't mean to be such a grumpy git,
In fact often I only want to say
How much I love the world and all in it.
So I'm a bit confused and I know that,
But I don't wake up well when I have slept
I think perhaps I'd like to be a cat
And really learn the art of being kept.
Those handsome men with piercing bright blue eyes
They might just be the devil in disguise.

304 (10.05.2015)

We each want what's the very best for us
And stop at nothing until that's achieved
So even when we're waiting for a bus,
You'd never guess the messages received.
We struggle and we struggle to evolve
We change so slowly though it's hard to see,
And even then our lives they still revolve
Around our wishes and our destiny.
We're little men and women on our own
But altogether we're a massive force,
Some things we seem to do best on our own
But many things are best in groups, of course.
And so to gain fulfilment of our dreams,
It's often best for us to work in teams.

303 (10.05.2015)

This is the place I feel the most at home
Just standing on the beach beside the sea.
When I am here I do not wish to roam,
The sea, the beach, the kids and you and me.
The sky is grey, the sea is greyer still,
The summer hasn't really started yet
The wind gives us a tiny, little chill,
But nothing beats the pleasure that we get.
I race against the children on the sand,
I laugh with them and no one misbehaves,
I take my daughters and my sons in hand
And paddle with them in the icy waves.
Oh heaven is a moment on the beach,
With stress and worries drifting out of reach.

302 (09.05.2015)

Do not despair, use minds and strength of will
Together needed changes can be made
We shall not stop, we shall not rest until
A fair and just foundation has been laid.
And with this solid base we'll carry on
We shape the world we live in everyday,
We cannot change the past, it's been and gone,
But now the light of learning leads the way.
And so the future will be fair and bright,
Equality can shine upon us all,
If we work on towards what's good and right
Then nothing in the world can make us fall.
We hear the truth and know it can inspire,
All of mankind to keep on reaching higher.

301 (08.05.2015)

Dear Amber Rudd so you're still here today
To keep on playing Reverse Robin Hood
Not going to leave our town and go away
And let Ms Sarah Owen do some good?
Yes Westfield, Brede and lovely Udimore
Again they tip the voting back to you
Let's shrug away the struggles of the poor,
And paint our town a brighter, deeper blue.
Maybe you've done your bit, some say you try
But will you save our hospitals and schools?
Perhaps you should move out and live in Rye
That town's a bastion which the Tory rules.
A billion years for our opposing thumbs,
We work for change but it so slowly comes.

300 (08.05.2015)

I had sweet dreams and then I woke today
And wonder where the world will lead us now
Those dreams they've trickled gradually away
But naturally we'll smile again somehow.
The world turns blue before my blood red eyes,
The wind still blows the blossom from the trees
The sun will shine on truth as well as lies
The voters vote and then do as they please.
Goodbye to you my dear old NHS,
See state schools changing to academies,
The great unwashed they know what's best I guess.
Now hold on tight for five more grinding year,
See how the rich they laugh at paupers' tears.

299 (07.05.2015)

Ron was the nicest man I've ever known,
He always wore a happy, friendly smile.
He spent a lot of time out on his own,
Riding on the rails for many a mile.
He did some tricks for me when I was young,
He made some sweets appear out of his sleeve
And though my life had only just begun
He gave me something in which to believe.
And then one day he got so very ill,
They gave him a dialysis machine,
Sometimes the world it moves against our will
And often life seems petty, low and mean.
I said goodbye to Ron close to the end,
And still love him as father and dear friend.

298 (07.05.2014)

Why do they try to make me feel so scared?
I don't understand where the world went wrong,
Why is this modern life so well compared
To something in a nightmare Kafka song?
I don't want to give up and settle down,
I cannot just accept the way things are
I wander nightly through the waiting town
And try to catch the glimmer of a star.
But sometimes it seems there's no hope for us,
We simply cannot organise a thing
I don't mean to be rude or make a fuss
But who was it that made the devil king?
Oh world of fear and loathing that I see,
Why can't mankind be happy, loved and free?

297 (07.05.2015)

Oh Hastings town remember Mr Birch
Who gave to you for so, so many years
Whose soul has flown up from its mortal perch
And left us all back in this vale of tears.
D'you see how one man showed us how to care,
And how to work towards a fairer goal?
He led with love and asked us but to share,
And now the universe reclaims his soul.
Yet past Election Days and here and now
Beyond the shallow confines of this place
The good we do on earth remains somehow
And echoes for eternity in space.
So even though this great man's passed away,
He lives in us forever and a day.

296 (06.05.2015)

When all your precious blood's been syphoned off
When all around have lost their own sweet minds,
When we can't get our heads out of the trough
And cannot lift ourselves off our behinds,
Then perhaps we deserve the fate we get.
If we're too fat and lazy to protest
If we don't try because we're scared to sweat
Then isn't subjugation for the best?
Maybe we need someone to tell us how,
And when and where and which and what and who
And maybe we need someone to allow,
Us all to do the things we want to do.
Oh man, oh man break off your slavish chains,
To start to fight, just rearrange your brains.

295 (05.05.2015)

I much prefer things when they're rearranged
When all the nitty-gritty's washed away
When things are far more focused than deranged
And when it's near the ending of the day.
So if I sweep my hand across your face,
And if you give me blessings with your eyes,
Then how could all that fun be a disgrace,
And what would be the matter with surprise?
For are we all not meant to work as one,
And are our biorhythms not in sync
From deep inside the moment life's begun,
To when we take our very final drink?
So I know that there's nothing quite like this,
To rearrange the secrets of our bliss.

294 (05.05.2015

It's a funny life we lead we three we
Do; travelling round the world in little vans.
And always moving on so none can see,
The gifts that we have hidden in our hands.
And when the stars go chasing in our place,
And when we run the river's length in mud
Then everyone will recognise the face
Although it may be hidden beneath blood.
So do not let the heart of man release
The inner animal that separates,
Us from the sacred and a world of peace
That man can have if he just concentrates.
So funny it is that the three of us,
Have so much left to do and to discuss.

293 (05.05.2015)

Your love is like a treasure in my heart
That puts perspective back into the world
To love you is a kind of perfect art
Around which all the other arts are curled.
And so I pass each sacred loving day
Beside you in a state of constant bliss
And though perhaps there is a price to pay
It's nothing like your priceless, perfect kiss.
So I love you and you say you love me
And hand in hand we walk the road of life
Together as we greet eternity
Forever blessed, forever man and wife.
So here's a sonnet plucked out of my soul,
That's written for the one that makes whole.

292 (05.05.2015)

When I am with you and I want to speak
But my mouth's dry and I just don't know how,
Why is it that I feel like such a freak
And cannot loosen words like I can now?
When stunted words they somehow fail my tongue
And your eyes seem to sap away my speech
As though I were not old but all too young
As though my tongue had turned into a leech.
And so I long to use my voice to say
The things that I can not even write down
Although I hope for bravery one day
And that I shan't always be such a clown.
But just for now I let the silence pass,
And walk with bleeding feet on broken glass.

291 (04.05.2015)

When I think of you and you are not near,
It's like you're here but only in my brain
I see you well and hear your voice so clear
And then I long to be with you again.
I know of course it wasn't meant to be,
We both have separate lives we have to lead,
But in my head you're standing next to me
And we have recognised our mutual need.
Yet now I wonder if you feel it too,
When I'm away am I still in your head?
Or do you have so many things to do,
Your mind is filled with busyness instead.
So I walk in these circles every day,
And wonder if you've thought of me this way.

290 (03.05.2015)

If there's a void inside humanity
How can we fill it up with something grand?
How can we change our natural vanity,
To something that the world's good will expand?
So if we feel there's something missing now,
What do we need to build ourselves anew,
And if it is impossible then how,
Do we most often manage to pull through?
The world is more than home to mortal men,
There's something going on behind the scenes,
And if we do not understand it then
How can we ever know what it all means?
So questions mix with feelings and they burst,
And still no one is ever reimbursed.

289 (02.05.2015)

The cloudy day it doesn't stop the birds
From joining in the early morning choir
I understand their music and their words
And inside I am filled with burning fire.
The clouds above they cannot slow me down,
Nor can the fact I have so much to do
I will not sleep until I see the crown
And until I have brought it home to you.
For everything I do is done for us
And I am always guided by your light
I stand and I obey without a fuss
I do as I am told without a fight.
For this is what your love it means to me,
That only in your chains do I feel free.

288 (01.05.2015)

This is not what Democracy looks like.
Lines of police marching protesters away
Kind of reminds you of the old Third Reich
Concentration camps - Guantanamo Bay.
Surely this isn't what freedom looks like?
Bullets and batons and violent police
The English workers used to go on strike,
But now they'd get done for Breach of the peace.
"...The ghost of equality's Facebook 'Like'..."
"...Do as you're told or do nothing at all..."
Don't you wish we'd listened to David Icke?
"...Problem - Reaction - Solution..." - then fall.
Now we can all see, what the future will be,
Aggression, repression and Plutocracy.